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Headlines are the Backbone of your Article.

Most of the content marketers and bloggers start with the post idea, they write up their post and then they think of a Headline for their post that should attract their target audience and attract them that this is what they are looking for.

Content do not attract the viewers Headlines do.

Its the headline that people talk about, its the headline that people share on facebook, twitter, instagram and other social platforms. Complex posts don’t give a huge impact. Viral posts are always simple yet catchy and impactful.

Healines of any article tell that what that article is all about and what is in the article that is useful for the target audience.

Here are the 11 tips in my opinion to make a Impactful and viral Headline.

1:Practice:  If you want more people to click on your post , you need to practice. Write atleast 20 Headlines for every piece of content that you are writing. If its simple and impactful it will go viral. All depends on how often you have practiced to write that Headline for your content.

2:Model the best Headline matching your business.

3: Start with numbers: The posts that shows the few keypoints or the cream of any content or service is what people want to read and listen to. For instance.

  • 7 best SEO tools

  • 10 Best ways to attract more audience.

  • 12 People , 10 tips, 9 offers etc.

  • 10 badass tools to be a SMM Powerhouse.

All Headlines that targets towards something that can benefit a user by reading the cream or summary of any topic rather then reading a full book or article goes viral and are more impactful.

4: Use phrases like ” How to” “who are” “how can ” for Headlines they still work.

  • How to be an SEO expert

  • How can Digital Marketing help from your business

  • How to attract more users towards your business.

  • How to get found online.

5: Use Punctuation: This is quiet a simple technique to add your main keyword before the hyphen, colon and add your rest of the Headline after that.


Business Website Template: Create your first business website in 7 steps.

6: Stick to the point, Be specific: Define what the article is about, Headline sets the standard that if the user should read the rest of the article or not.

The more specific the headline the more chances is that the user will read your article.

Bad Headline: Build Website

Good Headline: Get your first website in 5 simple steps.

7: Highlight the “Mistakes” user makes: 

  • 10 mistakes users make while writing content

  • Top 16 mistakes social media marketers make.

  • etc

8: Ask a question from the user: 

  • You think you know SEO? lets find out?

  • Do you think Digital Marketing is not necessary for your business? etc

9: Use the famous 5 W’s

  • Who

  • What

  • When

  • Where

  • Why

By using these phrases you attract your user that you have the information or tactic that they are looking for.

10: Length of your headline: Remember that your headline should be within 55 to 60 characters so that your headline does not get cut on Google.

11: Use image with your Headline

Remember if any article or post has a picture 100% of the user might open the article and read it.

Most of the people on social media read those posts or articles who have images attached with their Headlines.

Images are attractive and act as a Magnet with your Headline for your article.