New SEO practices that will help you in 2018

2018 SEO updates is a questions mark on all online marketers till now. As we are aware of the fact that Google is updating its algorithm on the constant basis and SEO is becoming a big challenge with every past day.

New entrepreneurs and SEO experts and figuring out on how to make their marketing campaigns effective so that they can also survive their brand in the DIGITAL MARKET.

Google has been changing its algorithm 2016 was the year of Penguin 4.0 and another algorithm was introduced in september of 2016 named as Possum.

This update was mainly made for spammers who were ranking as well on Google.

Google also made a few changes to Adwords, Mobile-Friendly update was released and a few unnamed changes were made in the algorithms.

Google has always been very strict about their rules and regulations and gave everyone an equal chance to be become a success story through their hardwork and rankings.

We all know that there are two major factors to get ranking on Google ( Back-links and Content ).

Every SEO person is well aware of the fact that if you want to rank well then you need to have

1: Backlinks ( A number of sufficient websites who are linking back their users to your website and driving traffic towards your website).

2: Content ( articles, stories, educational context etc).

These are the major tool for ranking your business well and getting clients for your business.

It is heard that an update “Fred” was made by Google but it is unheard and unconfirmed right now and Google is quite since the rumor of this update release (March 2017).

In my opinion here are a few points that you need to be aware of in 2018 to get our business to success.

#Mobile Friendly Websites:

As we all are aware of the fact that 55% of the traffic generated from google is from mobile devices and it is increasing day by day and will keep on increasing in the future, so it is obvious that mobile responsive websites are the key feature to rank well on Google.

Google has already informed us that mobile first index will be the new norm. Google has started to use the mobile version of the web as their primary search engine index.

Google searches for pages through their keywords and back-links through crawling and Google has crawled the web from a desktop browser point of view, and now Google is changing the crawl from web to mobile.

It means that Google will rank websites better who have responsive layout and mobile friendly design.

#Power Of Content Never Dis-appoints 

Whether its SEO 2018 or in the past years the power of content has always dominated the market. All the Digital Marketers know the power of content and they know that if there is a huge amount of content on your website then you have a huge possibility that you can rank well even without few back-links.

Add more content to your website. It can be anything from technology to politics to showbiz.

It will give people what they are looking for and hence would increase your ranking.

#Go all in with Video Marketing

I don’t know if you all know this or not around 80% of the social media audience reads and clicks on the post that has video or images attached to it. Same is with search engines now.

The websites that include videos and a lot of images in their content, articles, website services, will have greater chances of ranking well on search engines.

Its obvious that all is about user experience and if the user that we are targeting is interested in videos and images and he will only click to posts that engage’s or attracts them that’s what we have to do to make them our permanent user of client.


#Back-Links are always top priority 

The heading says it all. we are not sure about the algorithm update so we can’t say anything right now about SEO practices for 2018. But one thing is sure that back-links would still remain the essential part for ranking well.

It cannot be changed avoided because it is the only way through which billions and trillions of website on search engines are linking to one another and hence the traffic is circulation among websites .

#Featured Snippets

It was just a few years back that Google brought Featured Snippets into existence to their search engine result pages which have the goal of offering ‘rich answers’ to users which are based on facts and the keyword user has entered on the search engine for their query.

There are several kinds of featured snippets.

Google actually creates these snippets by checking out zillions of pages and it generates answers through lists, text, images and videos in order to allow the users to find out answers even without the requirement of clicking on them.

This wraps up my blog for today.

As i have told you above that mobile friendly website are what google will be looking to crawl for in the coming era of SEO.

I am sure that Google will be revealing shortly about any such algorithm that focuses on mobile SEO.

2018 is going to be the year of mobile SEO.

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