3 Web 2.0 Directories For Generating Do Follow Backlinks 2018

Blogging is one of the best way of generating leads and traffic for your website in the present era and have been the powerful tool even since it consisted and generating backlinks is the point that bugs marketers a lot.

More then 2 million posts are published daily on search engines through bloggers. It means that this has great significance, because 2 million people cannot go wrong at the same time.

But what would you do after a blog post?

The blog wont generate traffic by itself right.

Over here we are talking after you have done keyword research, already have optimized your posts meta description, SEO title etc.

It would take some steps after posting a post in your blog to generate traffic.

Those steps include the major step of backlinking.

Now in backlinking there are 2 types of links DO Follow and NO Follow.

What is the difference between these two?

Do Follow Links can be described as ” The links that owners of others website make to your website and refers you as the best for that service you are offering”


No Follow links can be described as ” Where owners of other websites have linked back to you but they wont guarantee your word or service and would leave the decision on the users to decide whether they want to use your service or not?”

Both links carry value because they are ultimately diverting traffic towards your website. But Do Follow links have more significance over No Follow and that is because for obvious reasons.

Well here are 3 most effective web directories which you can use for your blog submission and in return can generate traffic from it.

As you might have heard as well about tumblr. It is a platform with an average of about 13,600,000 of searches per month on search engines specially Google. It means that it has traffic and is great for sharing your blog on and generating traffic for that blog.

But how to do that?

Well its actually quite easy.

Just a few steps.

1: Signup and create your account.

2: Write a new blog post.

3: Include your link.

4: Include your tags.

4: Post it on tumbler.

That’s it.

Easy isn’t it?

It just requires time at the first time. Because its in human nature that if you are new to any platform then you require time to learn how to use that platform.

In-case of tumblr it requires 5 minutes in total to do that.

Once you understood it correctly and you have successfully updated your first post.

Then, you are good to go and the all you need to do is stay consistent and keep on posting and generating links.

Note , that tumblr has great DA (domain authority) and PA ( page authority) , it means that they have huge amount of users and sufficient amount of links that are pointing back to their website.


Everybody is familiar with the name WIX. Because it is the most fast growing platform in the present industry which allows to create your website and market your product, services and business all over search engines for free. What everyone doesn’t know that it can be used for generating backlinks as well.

Like Tumblr , WIX also has high DA and PA. Millions of users are using WIX and are posting, updating and deleting posts and websites on the daily basis on WIX.

Wix also involves the same step as that of tumblr.

But the difference in wix is that you have to use it in a form of website.

It consist of just a few steps.

1: Signup to wix.

2: Move towards your dashboard there will be options

a: Whether you will be able to EDIT their existing templates.

b: Or they will help you decide a template based on your interests and what you are looking for.

I suggest that you go for Editing their existing template because ultimately we will be generating backlinks from their.

3: EDIT your template , include your posts and links into the website template. And here you are, already generating Do follow backlink for your client’s blog or even your blog.

Weebly is another online CMS system that allows its users to create websites using their servers or even user can create websites on their servers as well. It also has high DA and PA and has million of monthly users from all over the world.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are also CMS platforms but now after excessive work on these platforms they have a significance of a proper website builder platform and are less used for blogging and creating backlinks,

But The above mentioned 3 platforms Weebly, WIX and Tumblr are the best platforms which you can use to crease Do Follow backlinks for your website with high DA and PA.

This wraps up our blog.

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4 Best Techniques To Generate Backlinks 2018

What are backlinks?

Ever heard of the term link building when generating traffic for your website ? What is that ?

Let me tell you.

By the end of this blog you will have a clear picture of where you should start while generating quality backlinks for your blog.

The number#1 factor for driving traffic towards your website is links. I as a Digital Marketer know the importance of links and have seen study of many experts that say the same. Links play a most important role in building your online identity.

Backlinks are known as a guarantee or reference that you are authenticate source which people can trust and you offer them the most reliable services that they are looking for.

But backlinks also have 2 types

  • Do Follow Links
  • No Follow Links

What are these?

Well to be more accurate and to the point i would say that

Do Follow links are those in which a person guarantees that ” This person is a reliable person and he can be trusted and his services are the best”


No Follow links are those which refers like ” Hey! i have shared this article from a blog its great, But i am not sure if there services are great or not”.

That’s the most precise way of describing the difference between Do Follow and No Follow backlinks.

Now as we have seen the 2 types of backlinks that we hear everyday in the digital marketing world.

Let’s talk about what are the ways through which you can generate organic and “TRAFFIC GENERATING” because sitting for hours and working on the website to increase its online presence is of no use until we know that we are going in the right direction.

Blog Commenting

The oldest way and the mostly used way of generating backlinks is blog commenting.

Everybody knows that there are millions of people sitting online and publishing blogs and articles, generating traffic for their clients, writing organic content for their users, answering questions and solving problems people are facing in the online world.

Blog commenting is a direct way of generating traffic from someone’s blog or article towards your website.


Its simple you just have to go and comment their.

But most of the people don’t approve comments that carry links or some source referring to another websites. You don’t need to waste time on such blogs or articles.

Like you can see below. It is a screen of a very famous and my favorite ” Online Marketer” Neil Patel.

As you can see that he has approved 178 comments of his website visitors so i believe that posting a comment on his platform would be of some use and he might also approve your comment that contains your article link.

But mostly you will face disappointment because most of the bloggers don’t approve comments on their blog posts.

So what to do?

You have to search for it. You have to search 100’s and 1000’s of website to see who are the people who approve comments and allow you to generate traffic from their website.

It takes time but once it is approved you will see traffic coming towards your website. It may be small amount but eventually it will increase to a huge amount.

I recommended earlier in my article as well, and i am mentioning it again if you want to see which content is viral all over social media then use

It is the best way to know what is happening in your target market.

See the example below.

As you can see that i have typed in the keyword Online marketing and in the free version i see how many social shares the article has,  and what benefit you have on writing the article with the same keyword but more points and in-depth information.

For instance,

Someone writes the “TOP 5 BEST TOOLS FOR ONLINE MARKETING”. in my opinion you should go for “TOP 20 TOOLS FOR ONLINE MARKETING” and eventually it will take your article to your target audience.

And the second approach you can use is you can make info-graphic of the same article (As Neil Patel said)  that you saw recently , but with a graphical approach.

That will save you from plagiarism, and you can go back to the users who shared that post and say.

Hey!! I see that you shared this post, i created the same post with info-graphic. You Might wanna have a look?”

And there you go with a 90% chance of that person sharing your article too.

These info-graphics would be more beneficial for you because more then 80% of the people look into images and videos rather then reading 1000’s of lines of articles.

Note: Always mention the source from where you picked up the article. Because the original author deserves some respect.


Wiki Leaks

It is an old way of online marketing and many users still use it to generate backlinks for their website.

What are wiki leaks?

You must be familiar with wikipedia, Right?

It is a famous platform where you can find any content you need for any particular topic.

See the example below.

I went into Wikipedia and typed my keyword which was “Web Traffic”

and when the page opened that had all the info i went down to a section which contained few links.

I edited the section and inserted my blog link into it.

This must sound outdated but it is an authentic source of generating traffic because wikipedia has a huge amount of traffic on daily basis and we can use it for our benefit.

Create a PDF Link

PDF link can be simply described as a small book or file that contains any information which a user is searching for on search engines.

Like our topic “Online Marketing”

There are many sites that allow you to upload your PDF file on their portal for free and in return you can get a backlink to your website and if possible you would get to make that person you potential paying customer.

It all depends on what you are offering.

Some PDF link sharing sites include


and many more. You just have to go there and create your account. and Walla!!

You are ready to drive some serious traffic towards your website.

Guest Posting

It is a most common term used when generating backlinks is concerned.

It means writing and posting relevant post on someone else’s blog and linking that back to your website or blog.

It is a tough and time consuming thing to do because mostly people don’t allow you to guest post. Neither do they guest post on your profile until you have strong online presence and traffic.

Well you never know when you might get lucky so keep on trying on it as well.


Go to 

It is a site like buzzsumo and it also shows where does your competitor stand and how many people are linking back to their website.

How is that beneficial for you?

Its simple we can email the users who are already linking to that article and ask them to link back to our article as well, because its in the same niche as the one they are already linking to.


I mentioned a few techniques that in my point of view were the best for Online Marketing.

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YouTube Algorithm Changed? Whats the new approach to be a successful YouTuber

YouTube Changed their ways

It tightens the ways to earn from Ads money

Marketers are in Trouble

Earning from YouTube is no more easy.

Everyone knows that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the online market and has more then  billion users from all over the world. More about YouTube can be seen here

Many Viners, social speakers, gamers, pranksters have been earning from YouTube from the past many years and everyone knows 2017 was a tough year for YouTube because they were working that their users don’t see huge amount of Ads and it was a tough year for both the users/ views and the channel owners.

But Yesterday Dated: 16th January 2018

Google released their new ways to monetize a channel on YouTube.

And Google mentioned that in the past every YouTuber has to gain 10,000+ views on their videos to be eligible to monetize their channel and earn from that channel but now,

Unfortunately Google has tighten the boundaries and has made it more tough for the new channel makers and social marketers. They would have to work more hard now to be able to make their channel their bread and butter.

Google summarized it into 2 points:

  • New channel will need to have 1000+ subscribers AND
  • 4000 Hours of watch time within their past 12 months

To be able to monetize their channel and qualify for being eligible for YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

The video site said Tuesday that human reviewers would inspect every in Google Preferred, its elite ads program accessible to top creators. New videos uploaded to Google Preferred channels will also have to be manually verified to meet YouTube guidelines before they can run ads.

For more information you can see here.

They have been planning these changes from December 2017 and finally the have released the bomb on all its users.

I think that it has made tough for marketers and for YouTuber both because already we have to work very hard to take a channel to the point where we can monetize it and increase its subscribers and viewers.

But Now in addition to the compulsory 1000+ subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time we have to make sure that our video is catchy and the content in it is engaging so that the audience may stick to out video watch it to the fullest atleast.

It is a sad news for YouTubers and online marketers.

I wish Good luck to every marketer and YouTuber out their and hope that they can achieve their goal in a short time even after this drastic change in algorithm.


How to make a 1000$+ per month Through Blogging 2018

What is Blogging?

running a blog is posting content material on normal foundation on your website and solving the issues humans are searching for at the serps. while ever you search for a article, a publish, an ebook , a query you get a couple of answers on google.

you would possibly get movies for your answer

you might get a few photos or gif’s pointing to the niche which you are searching out

or you might get articles or posts associated with your question. that’s blogging.

many humans do blogging and we marvel why are they running a blog ?

why are they writing articles on every day foundation on their internet site?

for a layman it’s a piece of writing however for a blogger its a way to rank their internet site well on search engines like google and yahoo and ultimately shift closer to optimizing their website and incomes.

the quantity of money well-known bloggers make through their each day blogs can reach from

four figures to even 7 figures in line with month.
that’s a huge amount of money and believe me writing articles is fun too.

due to the fact you get to analyze more and more and discover increasingly more and in return you build some thing for your weblog’s target market.

in return you get

a: traffic
b: conversions
c: cash
d: customers
as mentioned with the aid of a well-known digital marketer and a blogger as nicely mr neil patel. he makes 7 figures in step with month via blogging.

that’s hugeeee right?

one element that cannot be disregarded is that he is within the marketplace for the beyond decade so you could additionally require time if you begin blogging and you may growth your identification via the passage of time.

it doesn’t take place overnight!!!

the way to be a running a blog expert ?
continually remember the fact that all of the a success bloggers within the on line marketplace who submit daily, get leads each day and generate traffic daily use lengthy forms of content material.

what do i mean by way of that?
special content.

don’t just write a piece of writing carrying three hundred phrases or 500 words or maybe a a thousand words.

write as a whole lot as you may.
search for resources.
check out weblog posts, articles, books to your area of interest and acquire increasingly facts.
content with extra then 2000 words rank on web page 1 of google. some human beings realize about . i additionally got here to know about it through net surfing and looking studying articles, weblog posts, books and many others.

its apparent that blog publish with a content of 300 words could truely no longer have that amount of statistics that may manual someone little by little on

what to do?
a way to do?
where to start from?
whereas a weblog posts that has 2000+ of content material and that has described the topic a person searches for in little by little process and after reading the thing consumer feels confident that he/she has got the suitable solution about what they’re searching out.

then it means you have a permanent tourist of your website who would even recommend your weblog to increasingly more humans as nicely.

blogging on the subjects you are maximum obsessed with or inquisitive about is the nice way wherein you can write an increasing number of blogs and add hundreds and hundreds of related articles content to your internet site.

in case you ask an professional blogger that.

whats up!! i noticed your weblog posts and i’m amazed on how tons site visitors you’re generating monthly and i’m positive which you must be generating a huge amount of cash as properly.

tell me on which topic i should start running a blog.

he won’t be able that will help you both due to the fact that’s your selection and remember of your interest

so weblog on some thing you are obsessed on and you already know you may write masses and thousands of articles in your niche.

be passionate and steady in what you’re running a blog about…..

we’ve got discussed approximately being passionate however being steady is also the key point that must be in thoughts for a blogger.

“consistency is the important thing to achieve success in online international”

many bloggers and digital entrepreneurs whom i recognise of had the important thing clause “consistency” in their thoughts after they began to write articles of their area of interest.

many big names inside the on line world showed that being passionate isn’t always sufficient with a view to generate massive amount of traffic in your enterprise.

“consistency is the aspect that helps your passion.”

1: be regular
2: post day by day
3: although you could submit two times, three time , four times a day. ( simply announcing i know for writing satisfactory content you           need time )
4: love your work, work for it, take it as a passion.
5: a whole lot of humans go out in the blogging global and think that today they may be going to create a weblog post and will begin               creating wealth.

Many people create blog post and don’t stay consistent on it. They expect to earn instantly. But it cannot happen for sure.

and you already know subsequently what happens?

they cease.

“if you want to earn then you may must burn” .

its a well-known phrase because many on line entrepreneurs and bloggers that you will see within the market could even put up on eid, diwali, christmas.

due to the fact they may be enthusiastic about what they may be doing.

due to the fact they recognize that to hold their name excessive in the marketplace they would want to be regular.

Use buzzsumo
buzzsumo is an awsome tool utilized by many online marketers including me. because it indicates the overall wide variety of social stocks associated with the thing of your typed in key-word.

all you need to do is open it type to your keyword and wallah!!

right here you go together with masses of articles and their social shares. it kinds the content material on your unique niche primarily based on their recognition.

the picture underneath shows an example with the keyword “digital advertising”

why you have to use buzzsumo?

because it tells you two matters in my angle.

  •  The amount of people on social media who shared a weblog post to your area of interest ( it may be your article as nicely )
  •  Whether or now not it’s far beneficial to write that particular article.
  •  Time saving method ( you wouldn’t should seek through billions of websites simply to be sure before writing the post ) .
  •  You may have loads of particular articles to your mind as properly. it doesn’t imply that i am asking you to duplicate the ones and paste them to your weblog submit. that’s dishonest and you won’t rank properly on google and subsequently google will ban you as nicely on the premise of plagiarism or replica articles.

then how can you get the idea?
think you pick the field of youtube advertising

and you see a piece of writing pronouncing ” 20 approaches to do youtube advertising at its best”

and based totally on this newsletter you decided that you’ll write ” one hundred methods to do youtube advertising” that’s a completely unique article and might rank remarkably properly on google as nicely. extra to it while you write a piece of writing this lengthy then that’s sure no one may be capable of reproduction you as well.

i don’t care in case you are going for purchasers or businesses. you want to head in-intensity with your articles and be specific as much as you could. it is the characteristic that reasons you to be the first-rate.

it’s that simple. however sure it is time consuming as well.

i think that i’ve made myself clear with the site visitors portion about a way to generate most visitors on your enterprise and increasing quantity of customers on your weblog at the day by day basis.

now that we’ve cleared our manner for site visitors lets speak on how to make money.

a 1000$ per month thru blogging isn’t enough money even one thousand$ per month thru running a blog isn’t always enough.

many people on line are making hundreds of thousands or even billions of greenbacks per month thru day by day running a blog and that’s something well worth going for.

isn’t it?

many humans suppose that they can make money thru adding google adsense. thats proper you could make money via adsense.

the second one manner people make money is thru generating visitors for other on their internet site thru associate advertising.

their are many different methods as well through which you could make cash like

sellings books.
selling and items or product.
engaging in webinars.
presenting online guides.
and many other ways.
think you go for a health blog and also you write articles associated with health and also you get massive visitors. on the way to generate cash you may provide them consultancy on ” how can they be fit”, ” what approaches they could use” and many others and generate thousands of bucks according to month.

cross for services like consulting, masterminding someone’s enterprise to generate extra leads and money from your online blog put up. due to the fact at the quit of the day we all are running day and night time for money.

this wraps up my blog i’m hoping that it lets you recognize approximately blogging.

provide me a thumbs up and a observe on my socials if you want my blog.

satisfied blogging.