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How do you use Game development as a career?

What are the best tools for game development is our topic of discussion today.

In the past decade or two there has been a remarkable change in the field of  Information Technology.

Many new technological changes and advancements has been introduced which has greatly evolved into our society.

Whether it is a web application or a mobile app people are moving towards ease of use and getting technologically stronger day by day.

Same has happened within the field of game development.

In the beginning of a new era of Information Technology many games were the source of attraction of the users some of which are big names like Super Mario, Street Fighter, Metal Slug and many more.

These games were a game changer for their developers and designers and people played them to their fullest with great interest.

But now as technology is moving towards more and more perfection and with every passing day you see more and more advancements.

I remember of playing games like Midtown Madness, GTA Vice City , GTA San Andreas , Counter Strike which were released like 12 to 15 years before and these games were also a game changer for the gaming industry where people were introduced to first person shooting games and games evolving high end technical missions.

The topic under discussion today is about the technologies which are best for game development.

Many new gaming engines which are capable of producing high end graphics and more high resolution games are in the market and people are using them for both mobile applications and desktop application.

Some of which are

Unity 3D

Unreal Engine

Coco’s 2D


and many more.

We will be discussing the best 3 sources which are widely used and has millions of users including both developers and people playng games built on these engines.

1: Cocos 2D game development

Coco’s 2D is an open source gaming engine which has been used to develop games like Angry Bird and Clash Of Kings which are a big hit in the market played by million of users.

It is mainly use for creating instant Facebook games.

Cocos 2D is considered to be a mixture of Cocos 2DX for mobile and desktop based games and Cocos 2D HTML5 for web.

Currently it is 2D or 2.5D but using certain strategies can be converted into 3D.

Cocos 2D supports many languages like C++, Objective C, C#, Java Script and Ruby as well.

There are a broad range of assisted platforms mostly for mobiles available for Cocos platform.

Huge number of extensions , tools and open source code is available online.

It supports great graphics and provides great game performance.

But there are certain bad aspects of Coco as well which cannot be ignored like , Its API’s are irregular because it first started with python then moved to objective-C then to C++ platform.

That shows no consistency.

Cocos is feasible for developers who can memorize complex code and tough algorithms with lengthy functions.

2: Unity 3Dgame development

Unity 3D on the other hand is a closed source cross platform software made specially for making both 2D and 3D Games.

The main attraction of unity is its ease of use and number of available resources that make game development look easy.

It supports 3 languages Javascript ( UnityScript ) , C# and Boo. Where Boo is not used that often.

The key point of attraction of unity is its strong community of plugins and developers offering free as well as low cost resources which are of great value and save a lot of time.

It supports many platforms like mobile, desktop, tablet , even console based games.

Buying the premium license is basically not necessary in the starting because the free version covers majority of the resources necessary to get started with.

For a beginner in the field of game development Unity 3D is more preferred because of its easy of use and high end user friendliness.


3: Unreal Engine 4game development

Unreal engine in general is built upon the proven structure of many AAA graphics games.

It is a highly evolved engine for more than a decade. It’s a very subjective pro here , in short , you can trust it to manage a large / complex game.

Understand that Epic is a multi-decade old company that not only build engine, but also uses their own engine to build game. To say that the engine follows a proven structure is really an understatement.

It has excellent art pipeline. Node-based shader authoring has always been a huge pro for unreal for a long time.

Fully open source.

Community is constantly helping Epic to improve the engine. You can see the list of non-epic contributors at every major release.

On top of that you can dig into the source to find our how certain functions work  at lower level.

If you build with C++ , you can build from source , or not. If you build with blueprint , you can find our how certain functions work at lower level.

Blueprint ( Visual Programming ) is a powerful engine-wide tool that could be easily extended if you have additional manpower in C++.

Tonnes of learning material  and exceptional quality stock asset available mostly provided by the company who made the engine (Epic).

Unreal Engine 4 has some cons as well like

Way less plugins help available comparing to Unity.

Quite a bit of learning curve to understand best practice. Unreal tend to prefer you to work with their structure of doing things.

If you’re working on a large scale budget , you might need to negotiate a custom licensing unless you’re willing to pay 5% gross profit.


This wraps up my blog. I have tried to share my knowledge to help you choose the best tool for your startup career.

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