Social Media Marketing Tricks And Tips. 14 Tips For Better Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is a great way to reach out to the people looking for what you are offering.

And guess what you can do it all for free.

According to the recent research there are approximately 3.3 Billion people on social media and it is expected that this quantity will grow in the upcoming years.

Social media is here to stay for a long time.

It is a talk of recent times when people were busy on Facebook and twitter but now in contrast with more social media applications and platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, musically,  Tinder etc.

People have moved on to these applications as well.

But still Facebook rules with 2.2 Billion users due to the recent survey.

Info-graphic shows below.

Social Media Stats

The best attraction social media has is its ability to target the exact audience and users according to he region and demographics.

A person not only needs to be sure what he wants to say but to whom he wants to say and where is the person located to whom he wants to convey his/her message.

It all depends on how people see you message and whether those are the right people who should see your content or not.

So it is necessary that

“Deliver your message to the right people, and the right place, where they can see it”

Remember it always works for the people who stick with it and never let go of it.

In the beginning it might seem to be slow but it would increase gradually and would definitely give highly authentic and permanent results.

Discussed below are some of the ways in our opinion that can help you your social media efforts and increasing your social presence.

Create A Strategy:

The very first step of marketing as many people who study marketing and business know is “Creating a Strategy”.

It can be stated as a road map which describes where would the market start from and where would it eventually be going.

It is the basic start of every marketer.

The person who doesn’t have a strategy can co nowhere

and he would eventually be wasting time and money. It should be in a documented form showing the target audience, goals and how will the company grow over time.

Create Remarkable Content:

If you are a marketer or plan to be a marketer someday then you will know the value of Content.

“Content is everything”

And by this I mean everything.

Content is a way through which you communicate with your readers and tell them what you are offering and why you are better then the other people offering same services.

Use Video Marketing:

In the past few years trend of video marketing has increased dynamically.

Recent survey shows that among 3.3 Billion people on social platforms, 80% of the people open the post which contains an image or a video.

It shows the importance of video marketing. So use video marketing and use it wisely.

Target The Right Audience:

Social media gives you many ways of targeting and re-targeting audience through your Ad Campaigns and with the launch of Facebook Ads Manager it has become more tough.

Big brands like, Amazon, AliBaba are running their Ads on Facebook and they have the best marketers sitting in their firms who give the best out of them.

So it becomes difficult for a startup or a newbie to run successful Ads in the starting.

But “Targeting The Right Audience” is necessary because if its not the right audience that is seeing your Ad, then its obvious you are wasting your effort and money.

Conduct a detail survey before posting and monetizing an Ad, look into the market for “What is the age, region, state, interest of the people looking for services same as you are offering?”.

Use GOOGLE and YouTube For Latest Trends:

Google and YouTube has revolutionized our IT industry and we believe that both of them are your best friends.

Google gives you exact keywords and phrases and their monthly search volumes which can give you an idea that which content or idea is better for your brand.

Stay Close To New Technology:

Technology is changing its trends with every passing day. Everyday there comes a new trend and with every trend comes new technology.

Saying update to the new technology is necessary, because its obvious you can’t succeed with trends that were famous a decade ago.

So stay focus.

Stay Consistent With Your Posting:

“Consistency is the heart beat of your marketing strategy”

Like the heart needs to consistently beat, same is with social media marketing. You need to be consistent with your posting.

If you only post 10 times a month lets say, it would be a slow process for you to grow. But if you stay consistent and post daily so your audience will stay up-to-date with your content, and eventually you won’t loose subscribers.

Stay Connected With Your Followers:

With the clause of consistency comes the point of connecting with your followers.

Even if you are consistently posting still you will not get the desired response.

How will you get it?

Through interacting with the people who already follow you. Sending them messages on special occasions like hristmas, EID , EASTER etc.

Letting them know about your latest post. Sending them the newly posted post in their inbox message would create a more positive impact on your followers.

Share Your Experience:

People are always looking for inspirations and real life stories to give them a kick start and motivate them towards doing something.

So share your experience with people to whom you stay connected with.

Share your knowledge.

Sharing your professional expertise and how to overcome flaws a person might have.

It would create a hype and greater customer attraction.

Post To Relevant Groups:

This is the way we get actual organic likes and reach.

Social platforms is a big community and there are thousands and millions of groups on Social Media which have people who are looking for the services you are offering.

Post your daily posts into those groups.

Contact admin for their support.

Stay Connected.

Post At Least Twice A Day:

As discussed above consistency is the key necessary point of marketing.

Keep posting.

Post at least twice a day, try using posts with creative and innovative graphics.

Don’t Forget To Market Your Post:

Its not like you have to market only one post and it would generate revenue and clients for you, everyone has their own taste and value for content.

One might like your content and at the same time other person may not like it.

So keep on marketing your content , post daily and try to share daily.

Advertisements Is A Must:

We have discussed above about setting  the right audience, right city, right country and right demographics. It shows the value of Ads.

Social Ads can be started with a budget as low as 1$/day.

In the past marketing was easy but everyone wants to earn now and social media marketing has created great influence in the market so you have to set up Ads.

You can set up a budget of suppose 150$/month as your advertisement cost, because you cant do everything organically, you will have to go for Ads.

Start With A Small Budget:

The best thing about advertising on social media is that you don’t need to worry about your budget.

You can get high customer reach if you are targeting the right audience in smaller budget as low as 1$/day.

If you go for television advertisements or banner Ads it will start to cost you from 1000$ to 2000$/month.

And with social Ads you can give a push to your brand initially with a small budget.

So start with a small budget, be smart, don’t rush into wasting your money into Ads without even thinking to go organically.

“If you play smart you will earn well”

Social media marketing is a big thing which will have an impact on the people for a long time now.

So being smart with your Social media marketing techniques is necessary rather then playing with a blind fold on.

Keep sharing and keep learning.



Is Digital Marketing Certification Necessary?

Digital Marketing Certification Necessary

Digital marketing is a growing field in the industry and I would say that it is a field that has grown exponentially in the past decade with huge amount of people gaining interest in the field.

But from where to learn?

Everybody knows that “YouTube” and “Google” are the biggest search engines of the present world but you don’t get everything from Google and you don’t get everything from YouTube as well regarding Digital Marketing.

Its obvious that many bloggers and Vloggers might have written about it but there is a possibility that it might just be a startup push and after that you have to decide where you have to go.

Many books have been written on Digital Marketing one of the best among those books is DOTCOM SECRETS .

Its a book that has everything I would say about Digital Marketing.

Is Self Learning A Good Approach?

There is a lot of information available Online and people can learn from millions  and billions of websites. But is that information credible?

You can never tell that honestly.

But if you are sure about someone offering something that is credible and with the “RIGHT” approach then it must be something good to go with.

But self learning is not as easy as it sounds because a Teacher or an Instructor is the one who develops interests, and through online learning one might interpret something in the way it was never told and that’s where it becomes dangerous.

Because a bad approach can cost you a client.

You might find the posts from 2005 or 2006. How do you know those tricks work in 2018?

What Are Companies Looking For?

Another thing that comes in mind when choosing a field is the fields credibility and does it have jobs.

and in the case of “Digital Marketing” its a BIG YESS because the marketers are less and the jobs opening are increasing day by day,

whether it is in GULF areas, European Side or from ASIA. There are a lot of vacancies in the field of Digital Marketing.

So what are the companies looking for in a Digital Marketer?

Its obvious that the employer first looks for an experience person, then they look into their budget and how much salary they can afford and then they go for someone who is fresh and new in the field.

A practical experience holds great value but it is obvious that not everyone can afford experienced Digital Marketers.

So if a company goes for a fresh men, in their resume they would search for relevant experience and number of certifications the person hold in the field.

So it shows that Certificates do hold value.

So the Question here is “Is Digital Marketing Certification Necessary” ?

And the answer to this question is “YES” its necessary.

Because no one who is earning millions of dollars online would give the trick for free I suppose.

Digital Marketing is all about tricks , tips and approaches.

Everyone can be a digital marketer the only thing he/she requires is dedication, hard work and APPROACH , to think in a different way, to be able to convince someone to buy something.

We as Digital Marketers go for setting up campaigns through Lead Magnets, Free offers, Video Marketing and much more and convince people that we are the best.

That’s exactly what a Digital Marketer is suppose to do.

One More Thing.

From Where To Learn?

Initially go for UDEMY.COM. There are hundreds of free and paid courses with minimal amounts that provide great information.