How to Achieve Effective Team Management Skills

Team Management skills are mostly lacked by the humans of the society.

Team managers are leaders.

A leader is one who has the power to setup, grow and lead a team towards success through his vision and goals.

He has the reason, vision and capability to build a team and successfully take that team towards success.

Team management require the essence of leadership.

Without leadership one cannot be a successful team manager.

This is the reason we are here today.

Today we are here to mention top skills a Team Manager should have to take its team towards success and achieve its goals.

Build a Strong Team

The higher hierarchy of the company is always composed of people who know everything about the business and can carry a team through the steps to be a success.

Now lets take it this way.

A marketing manager in a company can only reach to that position if he knows how to market a product.

He has some ideas for business promotion.

He knows what content works and what not.

He is well aware of the trends and techniques.

And lastly he knows what would be the output of the campaign.

If he doesn’t have all these skills then he will not be able to carry his team to build a successful marketing campaign.

And he will not be able to build a competitive team as well, that has the capability to even the odds and break its competition.

So a Team Manager must be competitive enough to build a team that cannot be matched.

Or if they don’t have the budget then he/she should pick up a candidate who he believes can learn and adopt quickly.

Or else everything would end up being a disaster.

Write Down Everything

We know it sounds a bit of old fashioned due to the fast paced world.

Everyone now a days has a habit to memorize things by noting them down on their laptop of on smart phones (90% of the times).

But let us tell you that some things still work the old school way.

Just like reading books.

People don’t like reading books, but the more they do the more knowledge they get.

Everyone doesn’t have the capacity to sit in front of the laptop for hours and read.

Due to the continuous radiations coming out of the laptop screen, it can cause you serious harm and normally most of the people don’t read for long from smart devices.

Whereas if you read from a paper back copy of a book, it will cause you no harm and will ultimately increase your knowledge.

Same it is in case of a Team Manager’s writing habits.

He should have a habit of writing and should train his team as well to write things down.

This way those things will be in their memory even if they loose the written notes.

Keep a pen and a small writing pad in your jacket’s pocket.

Whenever you get a notification from your boss, write it down on that pad.

Whenever you get an idea in your mind, write it down.

Because once that idea is gone, it becomes hard for you to memorize it.

Stay Transparent with your Team

Trusting your team is a key factor of successful team management.

If you wish to be a good team manager then you need to trust your team.

You team is your strength and for that you need to be transparent with them.

Don’t make them feel shady.

Your team should know everything about what they are working on.

If you won’t be transparent then you won’t be able to connect with your team.

Team Management is not easy.

Some people think that if they are on the managerial level then they should just guide their team about what to do and just sit and watch.

That’s not it.

You need to tell them everything what they should know.

Your team need to have a secret.

And that secret should belong to the whole team, not to the manager or head only.

Even the executives of that team should know what is our aim with the project and what are the drawbacks, attractions, perks, flaws, etc in the project.

So transparency is must.

If its not there, then there will always be a loop hole that won’t be filled.

No Lack of Communication is Allowed

Do you know what is the key point of failure of team management?

Lack of Communication.

Most of the team managers are quite aggressive in nature.

They require everything on their table by 10 am in the morning.

And that is not cool.

Everyone has the right to have a personal space and time to bring out the ideas that work.

If they don’t get that time and space then things start to get nasty.

Project failures, failed designs, not enough detailed reports, less informative presentations are some examples of lack of communication.

And this all happens just because your team is not allowed to put up their point of view.

In a team everyone matters.

Team management requires an environment where a person feels the liberty to speak up.

They should be able to provide with honest and constructive feedback.

A manager can not always be right.

Every human beings has flaws.

And every idea given by a team is an asset.

So treat it as an asset.

Or else, communication gap increases and in return teams fail.

Provide Feedback to your Team

Every human being requires appreciation.

If they are working with full honesty, hard work and dedication then a mouthful of appreciation would be enough to boost up their motivation level.

Provide feedback on their work.

If you find your team member working late till night to meet the deadlines.

Then appreciate them.

Of you find a design attractive and unique then praise it in front of all the colleagues.

If you find an idea to be creative then implement it and give credit to the team member.

Use the positive approach.

If you find something negative try to make it better by giving a positive review.

A better team management is always catered through constructive feedback.

Trust your team and let them do their work

Once the meeting is done and the work is assigned to the respective team members.

Then let them do that work.

Wait for them to finish.

Try to let them come up with something rather then you disturbing their work.

They know what they are doing.

If you would interfere in their work then they would only do what you want them to do.

And it will have the “No Creativity” factor.

Let them use their brain.

Don’t push them to bring out what your brain wants.

They might bring up something that even you were not able to figure out.

It sounds quite harsh, but its true.

Prevent team burnout

Well this is the most important point we would like to mention.

Office politics is a term known to everyone.

This term is the reason of the failure of many organizations and teams.

They key team management skill in our point of view is preventing this to happen.

Office politics happens due to a few reasons

  • If you don’t like a person.
  • If that person doesn’t like you.
  • If you are more capable then that person.
  • Or that person is more capable then you.
  • Even if you are doing the work and someone else is getting the credit.
  • Or someone is not getting the appreciation he/she deserve.

These are some of the reasons due to which all it happens.

The result?

Teams burnout and don’t cooperate with each other.

Office politics is normal, but it should not be in a team.

A team management expert should know how to overcome these issues.

To maintain a healthy and open minded environment in the office.

This wraps up our blog we hope it will help you be a better team manager.

If you are good at team management, then you are a leader.

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How to use Pinterest for Marketing | Leverage Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is the talk of the town at present.

With around 250 Million monthly users Pinterest has made its way up to the spot of Top websites to use for Digital Marketing.

Just like every other Digital Marketing website.

Pinterest Marketing is nothing but the game of consistency and hard work.

Yes it is different from other online marketing websites but it has its own way of helping others market their products and services.

If you want to know how to use Pinterest best for marketing then you can view it by clicking on this link.

We are here to discuss about some of the ways you can use to leverage Pinterest Marketing the most.

Other details about Pinterest Marketing are listed here.

Connect with maximum number of People daily

There is no doubt in the fact that marketing is all about networking, nothing else.

You have to do the same.

You have to enhance your network and reach out to maximum number of people in your niche and even to those whom you can provide your services.

Pinterest has made it easy for its users.

It allows you to follow 150 people daily.

If you calculate it.

Then you can follow 4500 new people every month and that is not a bad number to start with.

In Pinterest the best thing is that people follow you back.

You wont have to run ads or invite people to follow you.

All you have to do is follow them and they will follow you back.

Join Boards of other business owners and Invite them to join yours

If you don’t know what boards are then we would like to clarify that

Pinterest has introduced the concept of Pins and Boards.

Pins can be stated as your daily posts.

And boards are those containers in which different niches of posts are stored.

There should be a separate board for every niche.

Lets have an image as an example.

This image shows the Pinterest Boards and how they look.
Pinterest Boards Sample

In the above image we have picked up a random profile just to show you the concept behind boards.

You can see in the image above that this profile has number of boards.

And each board has number of pins listed in it.

Some pins refer to marketing, some are quotes, some are for a course or something.

You have to do the same.

You need to have a separate board for everything.

Each board should represent a specific thing and it needs to have only that thing listed in it.

Stay Consistent

Marketing whether its Digital or Traditional.

Its all about staying consistent.

If you are not consistent with marketing then you are the one loosing everything.

Same goes for Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing also requires you to be consistent.

Now a days content is not the problem.

You can find hundreds and thousands of article and niche ideas out there.

You can even know how to do it the right way and how to make money.

It all comes down to your consistency level.

98% of the times online marketers fail just because they were not consistent with their efforts.

Its as simple as its sound.

If you are not consistent then you should not start a business.

You should start doing a job then.

It will save your time, money and efforts.

Because being a entrepreneur is not easy.

It requires consistency, hard work and most importantly dedication.

Invite people to join your Boards

This is another way of networking.

You can use it if someone is not accepting your request and is not following you back.

You can attract them by inviting them to join your boards.

Its all about helping people.

To be honest, marketing revolves around the saying that

“You scratch my back and I will scratch yours”

It is as straight forward as it sounds.

You are inviting people to use your boards and in return they will get listed on your profile and will get monthly traffic as well.

In return they might help you use their boards as well for publishing content and getting traffic.

Have a look at the image given below

Pinterest marketing
This is what Pinterest Invitations look like

This advice might sound a bit boring, but trust us it is the most convenient way to generate traffic.

Let us get this straight, whether it sounds good or not, you have to do it if you want to be an entrepreneur and don’t want to get stuck in daily 9 to 6 job schedule.

Freedom requires some hard work.

In the present era its quite easy, but trust us it is getting tough through every passing day.

So hurry up.

Before it gets way more tougher to rank.

This wraps up our blog for today.

Hope you got to know about some interesting factors required to use Pinterest for Marketing.

If you wish to know some basics about Pinterest then click on this link.