5 creative ways you should use to engage your Social Media Audience.

If you have an online business, then it is necessary for you to develop a strong presence on social networks. Social networks are great means of online marketing in the present world. Most of the people who shop, order, buy things online first look for the particular company’s social network engagement and how people have responded to their services online. It shows Social Media Marketing has great value.

Develop a social media marketing campaign that targets your target audience. Join networks your customers use regularly and share content they will find interesting.

Do not hesitate to use online surveys from like Typeform or any other platform or ask customers for feedback on your campaign so you can keep improving it and attract more customers for your product. Keep track of your results by looking at how popular your campaign is and assessing how many sales you generate through your social media marketing campaign.

One of the defining phenomena of the present times reshaping the world as we know it, is the worldwide accessibility to the internet. Social media marketing comes in many forms like blogs, image sharing, social platforms , public forums etc. The power of social media marketing is such that, the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2.95 billion by 2020, around a third of Earth’s entire population.

Source Statista

So here we can imagine that how important is it for startups and business owners to have their social media presence.

Here are five ways we think that you can use to make your social media presence more valuable and keep your audience engaged about your services and products.

1: Videos

Uploading videos regarding your product and businesses is the best way to attract audience to see what you sell and what is the product about.

The video can have your product detail with a voice over explaining what are the product’s features and how is the product useful and better then other products of the same niche in the market.

2: Atleast post twice daily


I think the heading says it all. Most of the newbies in the market including me when start their business online. On first priority they make their social media presence on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc and their website.

But when all of these things are done they forgot about the social accounts and start focusing on website and its promotion etc.

This is an alarming state for them because the social platforms have the same importance as the website has.

So it is mandatory to post atleast twice a day to make sure that the people who have liked your page and are waiting to hear from you can see that you are active and you have something interesting to offer for them.

3:Use images and videos while posting

The very cornerstone and important point of Social Media Marketing .

It is seen that 99% of the posts with pics and videos are opened by the user whereas the post which does not have images attached to it or do not have any source of media does not get that importance and people mostly pass by those posts and start looking for something interesting.

Using images and other media with your posts and material is the key to your post which people can use to open the post and if they won’t have the key they will pass it by and look for any other key which is according to their requirements.

4: Go live by your page on any special event

Facebook offers a very special feature where you can go live using your page or your facebook account and tell people what you are doing for your business and where are you promoting it at that particular time.

But when to go live?

is that your question?

Am i talking rubbish?

I think that you are mistaken, i will clear my point.

When you have an audience of a few 100 or 1000’s its time for you to participate in any event where you can promote your business or product and show your social audience that where you are and if they have missed any post or event by your page they can track you by your live video and track your presence.

An average user uses facebook after every 25 to 30 min in my point of view and you never know which user might hit you and you can get your potential customer through that user.

So yes,

I think that i might have cleared my point regarding going live from your facebook account.

The last point is a bit of a small investment scenario you can say but i have used it for my uncle’s facebook car shop where he sells scrap spare parts of his car and it has work well for them because they targeted the right audience.

5: Ads

Every social platform allows you to promote your business online by using their ad campaign where you have to pay a minimal amount and you can start for as low as 1$ per day to make your ad viral. The content and the target audience that you use for the ads can make it successful one or either a failure!!!

I have used these by my self so i know that how much effective are they but for a layman who does not know what is useful content and a person who is not aware of adding target audience and using keywords which supports their Ad, comes the role of a Digital Marketing Agency who are sitting in the market to make sure that your business succeeds in the market.

I hope that these might help you in making your social presence more affective.

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