How Many backlinks are required to rank higher

How Many Links Should A Website Have To Rank #1 On Search Engine

As you can see the main heading of the post explains, today we are here to discuss the most common question people have in their minds while doing Off-Page SEO, and higher website rank.

SEO is a way of ranking you website on top of search engines without paid advertisements and using organic ways.

SEO is mainly categorized in two ways.

1: On Page SEO 

2: Off Page SEO

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The second technique that is Off Page SEO involves generating backlinks and building links with

other website owners and professionals in the same niche , this in return creates higher website rank

and generates more traffic from referrals.

Well the answer to the question about ” How many links should a website have to rank#1 on Google”

is Whatever it takes and as many links as you can get.

This question cannot be answered , it doesn’t have any answer, It cannot be predefined.


With On Page optimization the site structure is completely in control of the admin or the sole owner

of the website.

But in Off Page optimization its way different because you have to convince others to point back

(Link Back) to your website, getting useful links is quite a challenge and is not easy either.

For instance we are writing a blog post for ” Best Canon Cameras” and we have no idea how many

people have already wrote about this particular topic or keyword we are ranking for.

There is a possibility that  maybe only 200 people wrote a post with this keyword, or maybe 200,000

people wrote about the same topic with same targeted keyword.

You can rank #1 for 50 backlink or sometimes their might me a case that 1000 backlinks might not be

enough to achieve a higher website rank.

Backlinking is the toughest part of search engine optimization and it can take months to generate

quality backlinks ,

on the other hand it can be done in a single month as well or even days,

if we are ranking for less competitive keyword and writing complete unique articles.

Before link building you should know how to use the web browsers, search engine, How to work with

HTML,picking the right keywords and creating internal links withing your website.

Recently Google has changed its algorithm and have made it easy because it now focuses on quality

not quantity, the more informative content you have the more higher will be your rank.

In the past it was compulsory for the blog owners to have a lot of content on their blogs and which

helped them rank higher on Search engine.

But now this is not the case, now if you have a great article, minimal backlinks ( even those whom you

can count on your finger tips, optimized images and attractive post that forces people to stay on your

blog then Google ranks your website easily.


That’s obvious it would be ranking you for the particular keyword you want to rank for.

One more thing I want to discuss here is Page Rank.


What is Page Rank?

Page rank is one of the indicators search engine uses to understand website’s search engine result

page (SERP) placement, considered to be the most important and the most oldest factor to be

considered which checking the SERP ranking.

A website that is linked to many other websites and has a strong page rank is

considered to be ranked higher on search engine.


It can be summed up in this way as well.


That the more links pointing to your website the highest will be your rank, and the more domain

authority your referring websites have the more higher rank you have on search engine.


Higher domain authority means that those pages have high reputation,


and many other websites are linking back to their website and articles as well.


Page rank is considered from a range of 0 to 10.


The Page Rank 0 must be of some person who just made the blog for fun and left it afterwards,

and the Page Rank 10 must be of some person who have properly worked on


their blog and have generated traffic.


Page rank 0 can also indicate that the blog might be machine written.


Website’s and blogs with Page Rank 10 are most unheard of,


because it would mean that the website is on top of search engine on every perspective


they are ranking for won’t come down.


Even big website’s like Facebook, ESPN , Amazon will have page rank of 8 or 9.

Page rank is not calculated acting upon a linear scale,


it can be calculated on exponential scale i.e Page Rank 7 may be 100 times greater then Page Rank 3.

This is why it is said that a High Quality Back Link Is Worth The Effort, 


1 link from a high DA website is way more valuable then 100 backlinks from low DA websites with Page Rank 1 or 2 maybe.


Another Question I would like to answer here in my post is

How do you identify a High Quality Backlink?

website rank

Well as categorized by many online marketers, High quality backlinks have

some properties listed below

  • From a source in the same niche


  • Source should be trusted , not fake or spammer website.


  • Source’s traffic level should be high i.e it should be receiving links from many other websites as well.


  • The links coming should also be from the higher page rank websites with varied sources not a single person lining 1000 times.


  • The links are not to be paid for.

This wraps up my blog for today.

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