Hack into the Digital World

Hey, I’m Murtaza

I would like to welcome you all to a course that took me almost 2 years to master.

My name is Murtaza and I am serial entrepreneur working in the field of Digital Marketing for the past 4 years.

During the last years I have understood that being a Digital Marketer is not a choice anymore, its a necessity.

Throughout my career I went through numerous Digital Marketing training programs but with the absence of the “Real Deal”.

After taking numerous courses and spending $1000’s of dollars in Ad Spend and Training Programs I came up with an idea to help new entrepreneurs progress in the field of Digital Marketing.

This training program is designed to conquer Digital Marketing and expand your business up to $100K in 3 Months.

What’s in my Program?

The Pathway to gain Financial Freedom

No prior knowledge required. All you need is a Laptop, Internet Connection, Dedication & Consistency.

with these qualities coupled you can break the barriers and become successful.


Some interesting FAQ’s

Who is eligible to learn Digital Marketing Course?

Anyone who wishes to have financial freedom.

Someone who wishes to earn money online.

A business person who wants to expand his/her business online.

An entrepreneur who wants to get more sales and customers for his business.

Anyone who wishes to learn and earn in the leading industry and wishes to stand with a few powerful professionals.

Why Digital Marketing Course is required?

We know that the “DIGITAL ERA” has now officially started.

In the coming years only those businesses will be successful who are online and those who are not will ultimately have to shift online.

So who will be the one helping these businesses get more sales, customers every month? Obviously, we “DIGITAL MARKETERS” who know how to play with Social Media and Search Engines.

What is the benefit of learning from the”Digital Marketing Course”?

First and foremost is the financial freedom you get.

Secondly, you don’t need a office to provide Digital Marketing Services. You can earn while having a vacation. Yes you heard us right.

Earning on Auto Pilot.

Marketers are the ones who help people and their brands get sales so you will be the face of most of the successful businesses in the future.

Lastly, you can become a BRAND yourself.

Why should you learn from us?

We are the PROFESSIONALS with proven experience in the field.

The classes will be online but on “ZOOM”.

Yes, you heard it right. Classes will be on “ZOOM” and you will be learning Digital Marketing Live.

Recorded lectures will be provided to every student.

FREE E-BOOKS to master certain Digital Marketing Skills like CopyWriting, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Mastery will be provided.

15+ Hours of complete Digital Marketing Training Course and that too on live training, not recorded lectures.

What will you learn in the Digital Marketing Course?

This course keeps an eye on everything that you need to know about “Digital Marketing”

Starting with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

How to look into the market and marketing research secrets

What is content marketing and how to be a better content writer.

Facebook marketing mastery. How to succeed on Facebook.

Instagram Marketing Mastery. How to succeed on Instagram influence marketing.

Keyword research for content writing and Copywriting.

What is CopyWriting ? The mindset behind mastering CopyWriting.

Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Adwords mastery and how to setup an Ad on Google.

Youtube marketing and how to become a successful youtuber.

Creating a website on WordPress using a responsive theme.

Lead generation using various paid advertising mediums.

Understanding the fundamentals of Lead Magnets and Landing Pages.

Using Google Analytics for marketing results.

Twitter and Pinterest marketing. Integrating more social networking websites to diversify audience and get more sales using those audience.

The concept and mastering of a Sales Funnel. How to make a profitable Sales Funnel.

Lastly, mastering the art of being a creative thinker. The people who think differently always win.

What are the OPPORTUNITIES in this 15 days session?

Our training will give you the confidence, skills, abilities and techniques to become a professional Digital Marketing Geek.

You will be able to start your own Digital Marketing Agency after successfully completing the certification.

If you are not willing to offer your services then you will be able to launch a product of your own, become a brand yourself, become an Influencer on Instagram and make yourself and your brand stand out from your competitors.

Not only with local businesses, you will be able to work with international businesses once you complete the certification.


In this 3 days bonus session you will learn

  • How to start an E-commerce Business. Value = $1000
  • What is Affiliate marketing and how to be an affiliate marketer . Value = $1500
  • List of Facebook Communities you can join to get free tips for success. Value = PRICELESS (Including our community)

How will you be different from other Digital Marketers?

This training is completely based on practical work.

So it is TRAINING + PRACTICE at the same time.

Weekly assignments and reports.

Multiple assessments that will help you in clearing Google Ads and other certifications.

Weekly tasks and followup.

This session will be a LIVE SESSION, No online already uploaded video lectures.

We believe that video lectures sometimes don’t motivate students and in return they don’t implement the things they have learned.

Most people leave online courses in between but you won’t be able to do that with this course.

We will train you the way a professional DIGITAL MARKETER should be trained.

Not those typical ways of training and at the end you don’t have a clue where you should go.