Instagram Followers Hacks | How to Generate Followers on Instagram

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Generating Instagram Followers is quite easy but obviously it takes time to reach your goal.

Instagram is one of the most famous and widely used Social Networking Platform used by millions of people around the globe.

According to the recent research Instagram has reached up to 1 Billion Monthly users.

Instagram is the new marketing tool for marketers around the globe.

With the introduction of Instagram Tv or IGTV it has became easier for the people to run lengthy videos on Instagram now and also they can convey their message to the people.

According to most of the marketers, most of the fashion and cosmetic brands generate maximum amount of traffic and sales from Instagram.

So Instagram can surely be considered as a great source of marketing and to leverage this source their are a certain set of rules you need to follow.

Instagram has been around for long now and many Influencers on Instagram were ordinary people before joining Instagram.

But after getting to know about this incredible Social Media Platform and using it in the right way. They have gained huge success and are earning a decent amount of money from gaining Instagram Followers.

Because traffic is everything in the online world.

If someone can give you relevant traffic on your blog or your website and you can generate sales from traffic, then its obvious you would be ready to pay them the price they are asking for.

Today we are here to discuss about few hacks through which you can generate Instagram Followers.

These hacks are not about using bots as a source of followers.

All these ways are organic ways to generate traffic.

Hack #1

Leverage Instagram BIO

The BIO Section of every Instagram Profile

People don’t understand this fact but Instagram BIO is the first section anyone focus whenever they visit your profile.

They don’t look into your posts or your logo or anything else.

They only look at the BIO section to understand what the page/profile is about.

By the way there are two types of profile on Instagram

1: Personal Profile

For an individual who wants to have fun on Instagram with his friends and family.

2: Business Account

For businesses like online stores, restaurants, fashion brands etc. who want to use Instagram as a tool for generating sales.

One thing that is obvious about Instagram is that you can only run ads on a business account.

Individual accounts on Instagram cannot run an Ad for themselves.

What to include in the BIO Section?

  • The main service or niche or Headline of your brand.
Our Business Headline on Instagram
  • The introduction about yourself and your company.
Advertisingeeks Introduction on Insta
  • Your website or blog link

These three things make up your Instagram BIO effective and useful.

Make sure to use the relevant keywords that best describes your business. Keywords should be relevant and easy to understand what services do you offer.

Hack #2

Use the Highlight Section Wisely

The highlights section is present right below your BIO section in the Instagram Profile (as shown in the image)

The Highlight Section of Instagram

The highlight section in Instagram is an incredible tool which helps a business in various ways.

As the name suggests the hottest news from your business and the hottest things your brand has to offer should be shared in the highlight section.

In our case we have shared our services.

Because we want everyone to know what services are we offering.

Same goes for your brand.

You need to make sure that you mention those things in the highlight section that are the best part of your brand.

Make sure they are understandable and people get to know about who you are instantly after watching the highlights section of your business.

Hack #3


We have discussed this this many times that CONTENT IS EVERYTHING.

But we think anything that is bigger then content is CONSISTENCY in creating that content.

The people/brands/businesses who are not consistent on Instagram gain no followers.

Because they’re lacking the major part of marketing that is consistency.

So you need to make sure that you are posting an awsome content daily.

Hack #4

Posting Long & Detailed Captions

Captions are the backbone of your post. Because a caption describes about the post.

There was a time when longer captions were not used on Instagram.

And even now people think that by posting longer captions they will be wasting their time because who reads captions anyway.

Let us tell you, here you are wrong mate.

People still read captions.

We know that the present era is of video marketing and people like things easy.

But one thing that will never change in our point of view is their interest in reading captions.

So never think that people have stopped reading captions.

They still read them and they still work.

So be as detailed as you can in your captions.

Don’t miss to include the keywords that are described by your post.

Only then people will get more value from your post and you will get more Instagram followers.

Hack #5

Use Hashtags Relevant to your post and Niche

Hashtags don’t work on Facebook.

And Instagram belongs to Facebook as well.

But that doesn’t mean that Hashtags wont work on Instagram as well.

One thing that we love about Instagram and Twitter is that Hashtags still work on them

Hashtags are keywords through which people search on Instagram .

And if you are a new brand/business and you don’t have money to spend on Ads then their are only two things that can generate Instagram Followers for your business

  • Unique and Incredible Content
  • Hashtags relevant to your niche.

These two practices can help you with generating many instagram followers.

So this wraps up our Blog.

We hope that it added some VALUE and will help you in marketing your business on Instagram.

How to Start a Blog | Blogging Mistakes to Avoid while writing a Blog

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How to start a blog

How to start a blog is the most common question most bloggers ask while entering into the world of blogging.

Blogging is a very fast-growing industry in the present era and has been around for almost a decade now.

But How to start a blog?

What are the mistakes that most of the bloggers make? Are still the most common questions

And the one who has the answer to this question wins as a blogger.

It can be seen that there are millions of websites that are working hard day and night to rank on top of Google (which is quite complex)

But most of them fail

The banner image that we have a user for our blog today explains what our intentions are today for our users.

We have tried to explain online world as an ocean where their are millions of bloggers and the text area shows how much of them actually knows about “How to start a blog”

There are numerous reasons behind this and we are here to discuss some of the most constantly repeated mistakes by bloggers.


Whenever a person starts blogging they start doing it on a particular niche they like.

It can be anything

You can see that there are numerous amount of bloggers across the internet

Some are food bloggers

Some are travel vloggers and bloggers

Some bloggers have chosen marketing as their field

Some like to write about technology

and many others as we know

So according to our expertise and observation, it is necessary that while starting a blog you choose a particular niche that is of your interest and you enjoy working in that niche.

While choosing a niche you need to be quiet choosey as it is said.

Because if you choose the wrong niche and that niche is not something that interests you then you will definitely not succeed.

Because it is human nature that if you choose a field that you don’t love then working in it will not benefit you both mentally and financially.


It is a well known phrase in marketing that “MARKETING is all about RESEARCH”

Which is very true

Because if you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors they only you can beat your competition.

So, not doing the marketing research and not making sure who your competitors are is again the most common mistakes bloggers commit.

They are always in a hurry to make money and all they do is just start writing and believe that they will surely start making money.

Which is not the case

Because when you do market research you come to know about the following things

Who are your competitors

Where are they from

What type of content they are posting that works for them and can definitely work for you

What is their target audience

What are the keywords that they are using in their blog

What type of people are visiting their website

What is the quality of their content

Which content has given them great results and which has not

This information seems not much but it is enough to get to know about your competitors and beat them.

So market research is a must whenever you wish to start writing a blog.




Bloggers don’t understand that and give up after NOT TRYING for long with blogging.

Because consistency is the key that helps in succeeding with your business

If you are not consistent then you can not succeed

We believe that:

“Consistency is the key, stay consistent or get a job”

You can figure that out in the first few months of your blogging.

Because if you are not consistent that you won’t get results and if you won’t get results then definitely you will urge towards giving up.

Just keep on writing, keep on optimizing, keep letting people know about your blog and you will surely succeed.


Lead generation is the most important process of marketing.

Leads are the people who have visited your site and have taken some action on your site i.e subscribed to your newsletter, tried to buy something, shared their information, filled a form, etc.

A blogger should always be motivated towards generating leads

Because if you are generating leads then blogging is of no use

Because after generating leads you can send an email or call those people who have shown interest in your blog and keep them updated with your business and services.

You can also use those leads as a traffic source by constantly sending them emails regarding your latest blog posts and services.


Bloggers make a common mistake and think that every post that they write has the tendency to go viral, which is not true

According to the other online marketers ” One post is responsible for making a business go viral on the internet”

After that one post goes viral then every post you write, every video you make will go on trending because you have done the effort to make that one post that has attracted users towards your website/services.

So just keep on creating blog posts and drive traffic towards it, you will definitely write something that will go viral.

Because if you have made the decision to earn online in millions then you surely have the mindset to create something that can move 1000’s of people online.


It is a famous saying that says “IF YOU WANT TO EARN THEN YOU NEED TO LEARN”

We learn throughout our lives.

We learn how to walk

We learn how to eat

We learn how to talk

Same way we have to learn how to earn online

If you are sure that you have all the skills required to start earning online, then you are wrong.

You need to understand the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs online.

And you have to beat them because they are your competition

To do that it is essential that you learn from them

There are many of them who have put forward free courses and tutorials that can help you surpass many mistakes that bloggers make initially.

Try to focus on learning.

After learning from the ones who succeeded you will automatically start earning.

So this wraps up our Blog for today.

We have tried to highlight some common mistakes bloggers make and have also tried to highlight the solutions to these problems.

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How to Set Up an Ad on Facebook | What are the types of Facebook Ads

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We have previously discussed about Facebook Marketing and its Hacks.

Today we are here to guide you about the types of Facebook Ads and which Ad type you should use and why.

Keep reading the post as after reading this post you will be able to understand

  • What are Facebook Ads?
  • What are the types of Facebook Ads?
  • Which type to use while running Facebook Ads?
  • Does hashtags work on Facebook?
  • Can a business succeed on Facebook without running Facebook Ads?

Lets start with the history of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a World famous Social Networking Website with a network reaching out to 2.5 billion users.

Facebook Marketing got its boom back in 2012 when people came to know that Facebook can be used for marketing as well.

Now in 2019 it marketing platform has grown exponentially

But by every passing day it is becoming complex as well.

In 2012 Facebook Marketing was not that complex as it is now.

People got results by promoting their business in Facebook groups and spending very less on Facebook Ads

In 2017 Facebook released an algorithm after which Facebook Marketing became very tough

That algorithm reduced the organic reach towards the targeted audience and forced businesses to spend on Facebook Ads to retain their business on Facebook

Small businesses were also affected by the decision of Facebook but big businesses were compelled to spend on ads

Because if they didn’t do that, their businesses on Facebook would have been effected.

Now what are Facebook Ads?

Ads as in short form of Advertisement

Facebook Ads can be defined as a “Method through which one promotes their business of Facebook by sponsoring their content and reaching out to the people who can convert into a paying customer”

How to run Facebook Ads?

That is done through Facebook Ads Manager.

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a dashboard provided by Facebook which gives its user liberty and facilities to setup an Ad anyway they like.

Facebook Ads Manager has created convenience for its users and Facebook Advertisers.

Because it has every option you need to successfully run a business on Facebook

Let us show you how its dashboard looks like

Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard
Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard

This is the official image of Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard.

We have blurred our Ads that we are running.

Everything else here is available in front of you.

So what are the types of Ads available in Facebook Ads Manager?

Types of Facebook Ads

The image above shows the types of Facebook Ads available in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Facebook Ads can be differentiated into three major campaigns as shown in the image above.


The awareness section is all about creating your brand awareness across facebook and letting people know more about your business.

In the Awareness section there are two options

Brand Awareness: Whether you want to make people aware of your brand and attract them towards your business

Reach: Or do you want to increase your brand’s reach and reach out to as many people as you want.

In the consideration section can target people to take your brand under consideration and attract more people that show interest in your brand.

In the Consideration section there are 6 options

Traffic: You use this if you want to generate traffic towards your website

Engagement: This option is used when you want people to engage with your posts and increase your likes, shares and comments.

App Installs: If you want to promote a mobile application and you want to increase its installs then this option is the best.

Video views: If you have made a video and you you want to get more views on it and want it to go viral then this option fits best.

Lead Generation: If you are a business that provides services to people and you want them to share their information so that you can contact them via email or phone then lead generation is the best option.

Messages: If you want message conversions and you want more people to message you on your facebook page then this option best fits your need.

Conversion tab is all about getting sales. This section focuses on one thing i.e how to get more sales for a business.

In the Conversion section there are three options

Conversions: If you have a business and you want sales i.e if you are an online store and want people to buy something from your store and you want to collect their information as well then this option best fits your need.

Catalog Sales: If you want to showcase your catalog and products your target audience to increase your sales, then this option best fits your need.

Store Traffic: As the name suggests this option can be used if you have an online store and you want your target audience to have a look what you have for them in your stare and increase your store traffic then this options fits for the purpose.

Here you have seen that how Facebook has divided each of its Ad sections and how you can use these sections to fulfill your need.

We believe that it has everything.

Whether you want to create your brand awareness, want to generate more leads or want conversions, Facebook Ads Manager has everything that you need.

Which type to use while running Facebook Ads?

We have came across this query many times, because people don’t know which type best fits for their business.

This is a big problem in our point of view as well.

Because if you are a new business and you start running conversion campaign without having any testimonial, any review, any brand story, or any followers then it will be hard for your business to generate sales.

Because people don’t trust brands that are new.

You need to start with the first phase and crease your brand awareness first, then move towards the next phases to generate leads and in the end getting conversions.

Does #Hashtags work on Facebook?

Hashtags was the feature that was first adopted by twitter then Instagram started using this feature and then Facebook as well after buying Instagram.

Hashtags can simply be stated as keywords.

For marketing on twitter and Instagram it is necessary that you use hashtags because people might be searching for the product or service that you are offering and without the hashtag they wont be able to find you.

But this is not the case with Facebook.

Hashtags not work on Facebook as much as they work on Instagram and Twitter.

We mean that if you want to find a business on Facebook then you might find it by typing the keyword in the search bar but most of the time it doesn’t happen because hashtags worked on Facebook when they were introduced but later on we don’t know why they stopped working.

If you want to promote your business on Facebook then as per our experience and the current scenario Facebook Ads is the best way.

and last but not the lease

Can a business succeed on Facebook without running Facebook Ads?

The answer is NO.

Facebook Ads are must

Specially if you are a new business


Because big businesses have taken over Facebook now and they spend thousands of dollars daily on Ads.

So if you are a new business and you want to gain success on Facebook and beat your competition as well then you should have an Ad spend that will help your business grow.

This wraps up our Blog.

If you have any question or query you can leave a comment or contact us and our team will get back to you themselves.

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Facebook Marketing Hacks| 9 Tips to nail with Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Marketing Hacks

Facebook Marketing has gained great boom in the past decade.

First only businesses in some big countries like USA, UK, CANADA & AUSTRALIA were aware by the power of Facebook Ads.

But from the past 5 years countries from all around the globe including Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Africa and many more have shown their interest in Facebook Marketing and have generated greater revenue from it.

Every business can succeed with facebook ads but the most successful of them include.

  • Ecommerce Stores.
  • Dropshipping
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Medical Facilities like Doctors, Dentists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Nutritionists etc.
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Gaming

There may be more but according to us the above mentioned are the most popular on Facebook.

But we have seen in the past few years that people run away from facebook ads as well.

Is this because Facebook Marketing is tough? OR

Does it not work?

Its neither of the two.

Its only that they are not doing it right

Facebook is smart just like Google.

That is why they have more then 2 billion active users per month.

Facebook at first let its users use Facebook Marketing to get results even by little Ad Optimization.

But now things have changed and Facebook has turned the tables.

Now you need to earn the top spot if you want your Ad To succeed.

This is why we are here today.

Here we are going to discuss few hacks that will help you succeed with Facebook Marketing.

Tip#1 Optimize you Facebook Business Profile

Not more people are familiar with the facilities facebook has provided to its users.

Most people just make a Facebook Page and want magic to happen on their page.

This is not how it works.

You have to optimize your page

While creating a page by clicking the button as shown in the image below

Click on the Manage Pages Option in the Drop Down Menu. If you don’t have any Facebook Page made then the option of Create Page will be visible to you.

After clicking on the manage page option a new page will open that will look something like given below

Click on the Create Page Option and Facebook will drive you through the steps on creating your first facebook page.

After creating your page make sure to Add the “Username” to your page by the name of your page. As shown in the image below

Right beneath your logo you will have an option of username. Make sure to add the username same as the name of your Facebook Page.

Tip#2 Add your company Logo

Logo is also known as the identity of your company.

It is the symbol that shows about your company.

Make sure to add your company logo as the profile picture as shown in the image above.

Tip#3 Add your cover photo/video

Cover photo is one of the interesting feature of Facebook and it was the first to introduce cover photos.

After Facebook other Social Networking Websites like Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest introduced cover photos

Your cover photo should show what your business offers to its customers and why should a person like/follow your page.

If possible, try to add a short video to your facebook cover.

If not, then at least add a cover photo.

Tip#4 Stay Consistent with your Postings and Ads

Consistency is the key to success for every business.

Whether you are marketing a business online or physically.

It is necessary that you stay consistent.

We put it this way that “Getting followers on Facebook is very tough. People like your page for a reason. Make sure they have the reason to stay or else they will go somewhere else”.

People don’t like/follow easily.

So give them a reason to stay on your page by engaging them consistently.

An average business posts 3 to 4 times a week on Facebook.

Tip#5 Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is the future and to some extent the present of Facebook Marketing.

Study shows that Video Marketing gets more engagements than that done by images or text.

Try to use video marketing.

With the advent of smart phones and internet people have gained the knowledge of Technology but it has also made people lazy.

People want a person standing in front of them describing them about its services and products and all the consumer needs to do is press the Call To Action Button to get results.

So to make sure that you don’t loose your audience even after they see your AD, use video marketing.

Tip#6 Interact with your customers yourself

Business owners don’t understand the fact the anyone buying their service or product online has serious trust issues.

They won’t trust your business if they do not know who is the person behind it.

Even if you have money and you can afford the staff to create content for you and run ads for your business you should appear in front of your end consumer.

This increases their trust factor and adds more VALUE for them and they result into a paying customer faster.

Tip#7 Don’t defame someone else for your publicity

Negative marketing is also a small factor of marketing

Businesses and brands think that by creating a controversy and by defaming a brand (even if its on wrong) they can gain results.

Well its true.

You can get results, but for a short period of time.

It will disappear eventually.

The impact will be short lived and the aftermath of that marketing tactic would be a disaster i.e people will forget who you are.

Tip#8 Never use the Boost Button

Boost is the button available right beneath your post that says boost your post now as shown in the image below

All the Social Media Marketer around the globe says that never use this button. It is an option given by default by facebook to manipulate business owners and in return charge more money for them.

It showed results in the past, but not now.

Now it is only there to make you spend more money and get no results.

So never use it.

Tip#9 Use Facebook Ads Manager for Facebook Marketing

Just like Google Ads Manager, Facebook also has its business manager.

The business manager has everything a user needs to advertise their business.

Don’t know how to access Facebook Ads Manager?

Have a look at the image given below

In the drop down menu click on the manage ads icon and it will take you to a dashboard.

The Facebook Ads Manager dashboard looks something like this.

Access the dashboard. Get to play with it and know more about it.

The Ad manager has more options then anyone can even imagine..

It has everything a business needs to succeed with Facebook Marketing.

If you face any problem with Facebook Ads Manager and want to consult an expert.

Then contact us and we will definitely love to help your business succeed.

This wraps up our blog.

We hope that it added more VALUE to your Facebook Marketing skills and made you know more about it.

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What are backlinks ? How to generate organic and unique backlinks ?

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Online Marketers and Entrepreneurs are well aware by the significance of SEO in Online Marketing because SEO is not complete without backlinks.

And we have heard many times people struggling to rank their website on Google for their targeted keyword.

But 90% of the people fail.


Because they do not know what are backlinks how to generate backlinks.

They might be good at On Page SEO but when it comes to generating backlinks, they fail miserably.

Let us start by defining “What is SEO”

“SEO commonly known as Search Engine Optimization is a phenomena in which Online Marketers optimize their website on major search engines like Google and Bing by generating unique content”

If we break it down, SEO can be done by two methods

On Page SEO

Off Page SEO

The infographic below shows the important points in SEO


What is On Page SEO?

“On Page SEO is optimizing the content of your website using a targeted keyword and by adding that keyword into specific areas of your content as per the instructions given by Google. “

What is Off Page SEO?

“Off Page SEO is building the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your content by making it known to other people online”

Backlinking is the most commonly known and important feature of Off Page SEO.

What are Backlinks ?

To define it in simple words “Backlink is the referral that one website gives to the other, which proves the other website’s credibility and authenticity”

Its just like recommending the content/product/service to someone else.

For Example: There are two business owners Tom and Anil

Tom has an online store that sells Toys

Anil also has an online store that also sells toys.

One day a customer came to Tom’s store to buy a toy but unfortunately it was out of stock.

Anil had that toy in his store.

Tom referred that customer to Anil’s store and anil provided that customer with the toy he was looking for.

This is exactly how backlinks work.

Website owners refer other website owners to their visitors, in return the website generates traffic.

But how to get a backlink?

There are many ways through which a person can generate backlink.

Here we have illustrated the most beneficial ones

1: Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is the most common feature to generate traffic for your website.

But when it comes to blog commenting people ask which blog to comment on?

Its quiet simple.

There are billions of websites and blogs out there in the online world, but not all of them allow people to comment on their blog.

It all depends on your research.

You need to find the blogs that allow comment and the blog needs to be relevant to your niche.

For Example:

If you are an online marketing agency and you are commenting on a blog that gives information about lawyers, then you might generate traffic from that comment but that traffic won’t be relevant to your niche and you won’t generate sales.

Why would a person need that traffic that generates no sales.

Makes sense right?

So, try to do your research and comment on blogs that are relevant to your niche.

An Example of a blog that allows comment is given below

The comment section available at the end of the blog shows that it allows user to comment and approve those comments as well.

There is one more thing that you need to verify before commenting and that is whether they have approved the comments on their post or not like given below.

If the comments are approved then there is a probability that they will approve your comment as well.

Another thing to consider while blog commenting is to make sure that you don’t directly post your link in their comment section. Try to praise their blog, make it look like a natural comment without the intention to get a backlink.

2: Web 2.0 Directories

Web 2.0 Directories are also an important and popular method of generating a backlink.

What does it mean by web 2.0

“Web 2.0 can be referred as a smaller version of your blog from where you can generate a backlink that points out to your blog.”

Some of the most famous web 2.0 directories are


There are many other directories as well but these are the most famous directories that give you most of the traffic.

3: Pinterest

Pinterest by far is one of the most widely used social platform to generate organic traffic towards your blog.

Big businesses use Pinterest.

It is a Social Networking website which is used by entrepreneurs to generate more traffic for their website.

All they have to do is….

  • Create a Board on Pinterest
  • Add Pins in those boards (Also referred to as images)
  • Add link that redirects the user to your website.

An example of a pin on Pinterest is given below.

Pinterest Image

4: Guest Posting

Guest posting can be stated as “When a website owner allows you to write content on their website and give a backlink in between the content that redirects the user to your website”

Its more like a give and take situation i.e Writing content for someone and generating backlink for yourself in return.

Some of the popular websites that accept guest posts are

  • HubSpot
  • GetResponse
  • Social Media Today
  • Social Media Examiner
  • and many moree….


Here in this article we have discussed in detail about backlinks, how to generate backlinks, some important ways of generating backlinks, and what are backlinks.

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