Facebook Marketing Hacks

Facebook Marketing Hacks| 9 Tips to nail with Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing has gained great boom in the past decade.

First only businesses in some big countries like USA, UK, CANADA & AUSTRALIA were aware by the power of Facebook Ads.

But from the past 5 years countries from all around the globe including Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Africa and many more have shown their interest in Facebook Marketing and have generated greater revenue from it.

Every business can succeed with facebook ads but the most successful of them include.

  • Ecommerce Stores.
  • Dropshipping
  • Restaurant Marketing
  • Medical Facilities like Doctors, Dentists, Cosmetic Surgeons, Nutritionists etc.
  • Mobile App Marketing
  • Gaming

There may be more but according to us the above mentioned are the most popular on Facebook.

But we have seen in the past few years that people run away from facebook ads as well.

Is this because Facebook Marketing is tough? OR

Does it not work?

Its neither of the two.

Its only that they are not doing it right

Facebook is smart just like Google.

That is why they have more then 2 billion active users per month.

Facebook at first let its users use Facebook Marketing to get results even by little Ad Optimization.

But now things have changed and Facebook has turned the tables.

Now you need to earn the top spot if you want your Ad To succeed.

This is why we are here today.

Here we are going to discuss few hacks that will help you succeed with Facebook Marketing.

Tip#1 Optimize you Facebook Business Profile

Not more people are familiar with the facilities facebook has provided to its users.

Most people just make a Facebook Page and want magic to happen on their page.

This is not how it works.

You have to optimize your page

While creating a page by clicking the button as shown in the image below

Click on the Manage Pages Option in the Drop Down Menu. If you don’t have any Facebook Page made then the option of Create Page will be visible to you.

After clicking on the manage page option a new page will open that will look something like given below

Click on the Create Page Option and Facebook will drive you through the steps on creating your first facebook page.

After creating your page make sure to Add the “Username” to your page by the name of your page. As shown in the image below

Right beneath your logo you will have an option of username. Make sure to add the username same as the name of your Facebook Page.

Tip#2 Add your company Logo

Logo is also known as the identity of your company.

It is the symbol that shows about your company.

Make sure to add your company logo as the profile picture as shown in the image above.

Tip#3 Add your cover photo/video

Cover photo is one of the interesting feature of Facebook and it was the first to introduce cover photos.

After Facebook other Social Networking Websites like Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest introduced cover photos

Your cover photo should show what your business offers to its customers and why should a person like/follow your page.

If possible, try to add a short video to your facebook cover.

If not, then at least add a cover photo.

Tip#4 Stay Consistent with your Postings and Ads

Consistency is the key to success for every business.

Whether you are marketing a business online or physically.

It is necessary that you stay consistent.

We put it this way that “Getting followers on Facebook is very tough. People like your page for a reason. Make sure they have the reason to stay or else they will go somewhere else”.

People don’t like/follow easily.

So give them a reason to stay on your page by engaging them consistently.

An average business posts 3 to 4 times a week on Facebook.

Tip#5 Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is the future and to some extent the present of Facebook Marketing.

Study shows that Video Marketing gets more engagements than that done by images or text.

Try to use video marketing.

With the advent of smart phones and internet people have gained the knowledge of Technology but it has also made people lazy.

People want a person standing in front of them describing them about its services and products and all the consumer needs to do is press the Call To Action Button to get results.

So to make sure that you don’t loose your audience even after they see your AD, use video marketing.

Tip#6 Interact with your customers yourself

Business owners don’t understand the fact the anyone buying their service or product online has serious trust issues.

They won’t trust your business if they do not know who is the person behind it.

Even if you have money and you can afford the staff to create content for you and run ads for your business you should appear in front of your end consumer.

This increases their trust factor and adds more VALUE for them and they result into a paying customer faster.

Tip#7 Don’t defame someone else for your publicity

Negative marketing is also a small factor of marketing

Businesses and brands think that by creating a controversy and by defaming a brand (even if its on wrong) they can gain results.

Well its true.

You can get results, but for a short period of time.

It will disappear eventually.

The impact will be short lived and the aftermath of that marketing tactic would be a disaster i.e people will forget who you are.

Tip#8 Never use the Boost Button

Boost is the button available right beneath your post that says boost your post now as shown in the image below

All the Social Media Marketer around the globe says that never use this button. It is an option given by default by facebook to manipulate business owners and in return charge more money for them.

It showed results in the past, but not now.

Now it is only there to make you spend more money and get no results.

So never use it.

Tip#9 Use Facebook Ads Manager for Facebook Marketing

Just like Google Ads Manager, Facebook also has its business manager.

The business manager has everything a user needs to advertise their business.

Don’t know how to access Facebook Ads Manager?

Have a look at the image given below

In the drop down menu click on the manage ads icon and it will take you to a dashboard.

The Facebook Ads Manager dashboard looks something like this.

Access the dashboard. Get to play with it and know more about it.

The Ad manager has more options then anyone can even imagine..

It has everything a business needs to succeed with Facebook Marketing.

If you face any problem with Facebook Ads Manager and want to consult an expert.

Then contact us and we will definitely love to help your business succeed.

This wraps up our blog.

We hope that it added more VALUE to your Facebook Marketing skills and made you know more about it.

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