4 Best Techniques To Generate Backlinks 2018

What are backlinks?

Ever heard of the term link building when generating traffic for your website ? What is that ?

Let me tell you.

By the end of this blog you will have a clear picture of where you should start while generating quality backlinks for your blog.

The number#1 factor for driving traffic towards your website is links. I as a Digital Marketer know the importance of links and have seen study of many experts that say the same. Links play a most important role in building your online identity.

Backlinks are known as a guarantee or reference that you are authenticate source which people can trust and you offer them the most reliable services that they are looking for.

But backlinks also have 2 types

  • Do Follow Links
  • No Follow Links

What are these?

Well to be more accurate and to the point i would say that

Do Follow links are those in which a person guarantees that ” This person is a reliable person and he can be trusted and his services are the best”


No Follow links are those which refers like ” Hey! i have shared this article from a blog its great, But i am not sure if there services are great or not”.

That’s the most precise way of describing the difference between Do Follow and No Follow backlinks.

Now as we have seen the 2 types of backlinks that we hear everyday in the digital marketing world.

Let’s talk about what are the ways through which you can generate organic and “TRAFFIC GENERATING” because sitting for hours and working on the website to increase its online presence is of no use until we know that we are going in the right direction.

Blog Commenting

The oldest way and the mostly used way of generating backlinks is blog commenting.

Everybody knows that there are millions of people sitting online and publishing blogs and articles, generating traffic for their clients, writing organic content for their users, answering questions and solving problems people are facing in the online world.

Blog commenting is a direct way of generating traffic from someone’s blog or article towards your website.


Its simple you just have to go and comment their.

But most of the people don’t approve comments that carry links or some source referring to another websites. You don’t need to waste time on such blogs or articles.

Like you can see below. It is a screen of a very famous and my favorite ” Online Marketer” Neil Patel.

As you can see that he has approved 178 comments of his website visitors so i believe that posting a comment on his platform would be of some use and he might also approve your comment that contains your article link.

But mostly you will face disappointment because most of the bloggers don’t approve comments on their blog posts.

So what to do?

You have to search for it. You have to search 100’s and 1000’s of website to see who are the people who approve comments and allow you to generate traffic from their website.

It takes time but once it is approved you will see traffic coming towards your website. It may be small amount but eventually it will increase to a huge amount.

I recommended earlier in my article as well, and i am mentioning it again if you want to see which content is viral all over social media then use Buzzsumo.com

It is the best way to know what is happening in your target market.

See the example below.

As you can see that i have typed in the keyword Online marketing and in the free version i see how many social shares the article has,  and what benefit you have on writing the article with the same keyword but more points and in-depth information.

For instance,

Someone writes the “TOP 5 BEST TOOLS FOR ONLINE MARKETING”. in my opinion you should go for “TOP 20 TOOLS FOR ONLINE MARKETING” and eventually it will take your article to your target audience.

And the second approach you can use is you can make info-graphic of the same article (As Neil Patel said)  that you saw recently , but with a graphical approach.

That will save you from plagiarism, and you can go back to the users who shared that post and say.

Hey!! I see that you shared this post, i created the same post with info-graphic. You Might wanna have a look?”

And there you go with a 90% chance of that person sharing your article too.

These info-graphics would be more beneficial for you because more then 80% of the people look into images and videos rather then reading 1000’s of lines of articles.

Note: Always mention the source from where you picked up the article. Because the original author deserves some respect.


Wiki Leaks

It is an old way of online marketing and many users still use it to generate backlinks for their website.

What are wiki leaks?

You must be familiar with wikipedia, Right?

It is a famous platform where you can find any content you need for any particular topic.

See the example below.

I went into Wikipedia and typed my keyword which was “Web Traffic”

and when the page opened that had all the info i went down to a section which contained few links.

I edited the section and inserted my blog link into it.

This must sound outdated but it is an authentic source of generating traffic because wikipedia has a huge amount of traffic on daily basis and we can use it for our benefit.

Create a PDF Link

PDF link can be simply described as a small book or file that contains any information which a user is searching for on search engines.

Like our topic “Online Marketing”

There are many sites that allow you to upload your PDF file on their portal for free and in return you can get a backlink to your website and if possible you would get to make that person you potential paying customer.

It all depends on what you are offering.

Some PDF link sharing sites include

  • Slideshare.net
  • Slideboom.com
  • PDFcast.org

and many more. You just have to go there and create your account. and Walla!!

You are ready to drive some serious traffic towards your website.

Guest Posting

It is a most common term used when generating backlinks is concerned.

It means writing and posting relevant post on someone else’s blog and linking that back to your website or blog.

It is a tough and time consuming thing to do because mostly people don’t allow you to guest post. Neither do they guest post on your profile until you have strong online presence and traffic.

Well you never know when you might get lucky so keep on trying on it as well.


Go to ahrefs.com 

It is a site like buzzsumo and it also shows where does your competitor stand and how many people are linking back to their website.

How is that beneficial for you?

Its simple we can email the users who are already linking to that article and ask them to link back to our article as well, because its in the same niche as the one they are already linking to.


I mentioned a few techniques that in my point of view were the best for Online Marketing.

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