3 Web 2.0 Directories For Generating Do Follow Backlinks 2018

Blogging is one of the best way of generating leads and traffic for your website in the present era and have been the powerful tool even since it consisted and generating backlinks is the point that bugs marketers a lot.

More then 2 million posts are published daily on search engines through bloggers. It means that this has great significance, because 2 million people cannot go wrong at the same time.

But what would you do after a blog post?

The blog wont generate traffic by itself right.

Over here we are talking after you have done keyword research, already have optimized your posts meta description, SEO title etc.

It would take some steps after posting a post in your blog to generate traffic.

Those steps include the major step of backlinking.

Now in backlinking there are 2 types of links DO Follow and NO Follow.

What is the difference between these two?

Do Follow Links can be described as ” The links that owners of others website make to your website and refers you as the best for that service you are offering”


No Follow links can be described as ” Where owners of other websites have linked back to you but they wont guarantee your word or service and would leave the decision on the users to decide whether they want to use your service or not?”

Both links carry value because they are ultimately diverting traffic towards your website. But Do Follow links have more significance over No Follow and that is because for obvious reasons.

Well here are 3 most effective web directories which you can use for your blog submission and in return can generate traffic from it.


As you might have heard as well about tumblr. It is a platform with an average of about 13,600,000 of searches per month on search engines specially Google. It means that it has traffic and is great for sharing your blog on and generating traffic for that blog.

But how to do that?

Well its actually quite easy.

Just a few steps.

1: Signup and create your account.

2: Write a new blog post.

3: Include your link.

4: Include your tags.

4: Post it on tumbler.

That’s it.

Easy isn’t it?

It just requires time at the first time. Because its in human nature that if you are new to any platform then you require time to learn how to use that platform.

In-case of tumblr it requires 5 minutes in total to do that.

Once you understood it correctly and you have successfully updated your first post.

Then, you are good to go and the all you need to do is stay consistent and keep on posting and generating links.

Note , that tumblr has great DA (domain authority) and PA ( page authority) , it means that they have huge amount of users and sufficient amount of links that are pointing back to their website.


Everybody is familiar with the name WIX. Because it is the most fast growing platform in the present industry which allows to create your website and market your product, services and business all over search engines for free. What everyone doesn’t know that it can be used for generating backlinks as well.

Like Tumblr , WIX also has high DA and PA. Millions of users are using WIX and are posting, updating and deleting posts and websites on the daily basis on WIX.

Wix also involves the same step as that of tumblr.

But the difference in wix is that you have to use it in a form of website.

It consist of just a few steps.

1: Signup to wix.

2: Move towards your dashboard there will be options

a: Whether you will be able to EDIT their existing templates.

b: Or they will help you decide a template based on your interests and what you are looking for.

I suggest that you go for Editing their existing template because ultimately we will be generating backlinks from their.

3: EDIT your template , include your posts and links into the website template. And here you are, already generating Do follow backlink for your client’s blog or even your blog.



Weebly is another online CMS system that allows its users to create websites using their servers or even user can create websites on their servers as well. It also has high DA and PA and has million of monthly users from all over the world.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are also CMS platforms but now after excessive work on these platforms they have a significance of a proper website builder platform and are less used for blogging and creating backlinks,

But The above mentioned 3 platforms Weebly, WIX and Tumblr are the best platforms which you can use to crease Do Follow backlinks for your website with high DA and PA.

This wraps up our blog.

If you got to learn something from this blog then so share our BLOG and let us know what we can do to make us look good.

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