How to start a blog

How to Start a Blog | Blogging Mistakes to Avoid while writing a Blog

How to start a blog is the most common question most bloggers ask while entering into the world of blogging.

Blogging is a very fast-growing industry in the present era and has been around for almost a decade now.

But How to start a blog?

What are the mistakes that most of the bloggers make? Are still the most common questions

And the one who has the answer to this question wins as a blogger.

It can be seen that there are millions of websites that are working hard day and night to rank on top of Google (which is quite complex)

But most of them fail

The banner image that we have a user for our blog today explains what our intentions are today for our users.

We have tried to explain online world as an ocean where their are millions of bloggers and the text area shows how much of them actually knows about “How to start a blog”

There are numerous reasons behind this and we are here to discuss some of the most constantly repeated mistakes by bloggers.


Whenever a person starts blogging they start doing it on a particular niche they like.

It can be anything

You can see that there are numerous amount of bloggers across the internet

Some are food bloggers

Some are travel vloggers and bloggers

Some bloggers have chosen marketing as their field

Some like to write about technology

and many others as we know

So according to our expertise and observation, it is necessary that while starting a blog you choose a particular niche that is of your interest and you enjoy working in that niche.

While choosing a niche you need to be quiet choosey as it is said.

Because if you choose the wrong niche and that niche is not something that interests you then you will definitely not succeed.

Because it is human nature that if you choose a field that you don’t love then working in it will not benefit you both mentally and financially.


It is a well known phrase in marketing that “MARKETING is all about RESEARCH”

Which is very true

Because if you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors they only you can beat your competition.

So, not doing the marketing research and not making sure who your competitors are is again the most common mistakes bloggers commit.

They are always in a hurry to make money and all they do is just start writing and believe that they will surely start making money.

Which is not the case

Because when you do market research you come to know about the following things

Who are your competitors

Where are they from

What type of content they are posting that works for them and can definitely work for you

What is their target audience

What are the keywords that they are using in their blog

What type of people are visiting their website

What is the quality of their content

Which content has given them great results and which has not

This information seems not much but it is enough to get to know about your competitors and beat them.

So market research is a must whenever you wish to start writing a blog.




Bloggers don’t understand that and give up after NOT TRYING for long with blogging.

Because consistency is the key that helps in succeeding with your business

If you are not consistent then you can not succeed

We believe that:

“Consistency is the key, stay consistent or get a job”

You can figure that out in the first few months of your blogging.

Because if you are not consistent that you won’t get results and if you won’t get results then definitely you will urge towards giving up.

Just keep on writing, keep on optimizing, keep letting people know about your blog and you will surely succeed.


Lead generation is the most important process of marketing.

Leads are the people who have visited your site and have taken some action on your site i.e subscribed to your newsletter, tried to buy something, shared their information, filled a form, etc.

A blogger should always be motivated towards generating leads

Because if you are generating leads then blogging is of no use

Because after generating leads you can send an email or call those people who have shown interest in your blog and keep them updated with your business and services.

You can also use those leads as a traffic source by constantly sending them emails regarding your latest blog posts and services.


Bloggers make a common mistake and think that every post that they write has the tendency to go viral, which is not true

According to the other online marketers ” One post is responsible for making a business go viral on the internet”

After that one post goes viral then every post you write, every video you make will go on trending because you have done the effort to make that one post that has attracted users towards your website/services.

So just keep on creating blog posts and drive traffic towards it, you will definitely write something that will go viral.

Because if you have made the decision to earn online in millions then you surely have the mindset to create something that can move 1000’s of people online.


It is a famous saying that says “IF YOU WANT TO EARN THEN YOU NEED TO LEARN”

We learn throughout our lives.

We learn how to walk

We learn how to eat

We learn how to talk

Same way we have to learn how to earn online

If you are sure that you have all the skills required to start earning online, then you are wrong.

You need to understand the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of entrepreneurs online.

And you have to beat them because they are your competition

To do that it is essential that you learn from them

There are many of them who have put forward free courses and tutorials that can help you surpass many mistakes that bloggers make initially.

Try to focus on learning.

After learning from the ones who succeeded you will automatically start earning.

So this wraps up our Blog for today.

We have tried to highlight some common mistakes bloggers make and have also tried to highlight the solutions to these problems.

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