How to utilize quarantine wisely

Top 6 Antidotes to kill time in Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus is the talk of the town at the moment.

This virus has been around for quite sometime now and a few critics say that it is here to stay.

In December 2019 the first person was diagnoses with coronavirus and the numbers have been increasing since then.

First it went to China, then to Iran and later on it started spreading to the neighboring countries including Pakistan, India, Japan etc.

Now its roots have extended to a whole new level.

At first everyone though it was only limited to Asia.

But now it has moved on to the European countries as well.

Italy and Spain are the most effected countries from coronavirus.

Not only that, this virus has managed to infect the country which claims to be the super power of this world i.e United States of America.

Huge cities of America including Newyork is facing the wrath of this virus and the infected and death ratio is increasing every passing day.

The only solution advised by the doctors is to stay home if you want this virus to stay away from you.

The more you stay home, the more safe you will be.

Some people will think that sitting at home is fun.

Trust me it is not.

Sitting at home is the lamest thing to do in life.

Human body is not designed that way.

If you wish to live a happy life, you have to move out of your house.

If you stay in either you will be frustrated or you will lost your mind.

But at this hour people are taking this advice quite seriously.

Because they know this is the only way they will live otherwise this ratio is going to go up like crazy.

As everyone knows that the present era is based on technology.

The more you are related to the technology, the more success you will get.

And it is true.

Most of the billionaire’s from around the world are technology oriented.

You can take Microsoft and Facebook as a reference.

So if you are sitting at home and you want to make it productive, you can do the following things.

If you follow these things you will eventually start to earn.

Coronavirus Antidote #1

Start your Own Blog

Blogging never gets old.

You will see numerous bloggers on the internet.

and to be a successful blogger you only need motivation and consistency.

If you are consistent, you will eventually develop skills.

Blogging can be of any kind.

You can be a food blogger.

A tech blogger.

A science blogger.

An artist who likes to blog.

Musician as a blogger.


You name the thing and you can take it out to the people.

All you need to be is consistent and have faith in yourself.

Because most of the new bloggers lack these two categories in them.

Get up, start writing and start growing.

Coronavirus Antidote #2

Start Reading Books

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners read books.

Its for sure.

You won’t find a successful CEO who doesn’t like reading books.

Book reading never gets old.

The more books you read, the more knowledge you get.

And there is a saying that

” Knowledge is the money that only gains Profit, no Loss”

Murtaza Shahid

We believe in this saying because The more you learn, the more you earn.


Knowledge never backfires.

You only gain if you are knowledgeable.

The only loss you will get through knowledge is when you won’t share it.

Because if grows when you share it with others.

Book reading is a great job to do.

Now a days people think that PDF versions of book are great.

But if you notice that most of the people download PDF Books but don’t read them.

What might be the reason for it?

Lack of interest

Laptop/Computer and mobile devices has definitely revolutionized our daily lives but we believe that if you wish to read a book, read the paper pack version of it.

Most of the entrepreneurs believe that

An average CEO reads 52 books in a year


Which shows that being an entrepreneur is never easy.

You need to stay updated with what is happening in the market and that can only happen by reading books.

Coronavirus Antidote #3

Start your own YouTube Channel

Need help in buying the equipment required for a YouTube Channel?

Here are some of the top Vlogging Cameras and Camera’s that you can ship to your doorstep and start your YouTube Channel today.

YouTube, Google and Bing are the remaining search engines who provide you the facility of organic ranking.

Organically you can rank your website using SEO.

There is another term known as YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO is the way through which you can rank your videos and content on YouTube.

As you know that it is the world’s 2nd largest search engine

So the amount of traffic, audience interaction and sales you can get on YouTube is insane.

Starting a YouTube channel is not tough.

But running a YouTube channel can sometimes be challenging.

Because people don’t get time to make a video and upload on YouTube.

But guess what?

Now you have ample of time.

So try to utilize it nicely.

Coronavirus Antidote #4

Start your own Online Business

The recession that took place in corona virus cannot be avoided.

Many huge companies came to an end.

Startups failed.

Many people lost their jobs.

A lot of ventures came to an end.

Most of the companies had to sack off a lot of employees due to the lack of resources.

The work from home thing didn’t work well for a lot of people.

What to do if you have no job?

Sitting idle won’t work in your favor.

If you are one of those who lost their job in this pandemic then there is a solution you can avail right away.

Start your own online business.

An online business can be a product based business or a service based business.

It all depends upon your expertise and what you can do.

But most people don’t know where to start.

I will tell you.

Start from learning.

What are the best resources you can learn from?

Here we have a few for your convenience.

These are some of the most hot selling and trending books on amazon and they have helped thousands of people around the globe gain financial freedom and utilize amazon to its fullest.

Gaining financial freedom is what everyone wishes for.

Even if you are on a job or if hold a business you always wish to be financially free.

And you can gain financial freedom through these top selling books.

These books couple all the techniques these successful entrepreneurs have used to gain financial freedom and reach out to millions of people online.

Coronavirus Antidote #5

Start you Own Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media marketing was very easy in the beginning.

But now things have changed.

Using Social Networking Websites to their full potential is not a cup of tea anymore.

Many techniques are required for a business to to rank on the top of social media.

These techniques couple being creative, thinking out of the box, making sure what you competitors are doing and what not.

But still many people feel that social media is very easy to operate.

Its not like that anymore.

Even listing your business page on social media is quite tricky at some point.

If you target the wrong category then you won’t rank.

These things cannot be avoided.

So how to succeed using social media?

Try reading some books.

Follow some serial entrepreneurs and growth hackers already available in the market.

These people have shared the exact tricks and tips they have used in the beginning of their career to exceed through social media.

Coronavirus Antidote #6


Amazon is not an entity anyone doesn’t know of.

Amazon has been around for two decades now and numerous people have made their way through amazon.

Succeeding through amazon is not as easy as it sounds.

Things have started to become complex.

As many people have now joined amazon so it makes difficult for people to rank on Amazon.

But still there is a lot of opportunity as there are millions of products on Amazon and you can start with any product you like.

The first and foremost step required to rank on Amazon is the Product Hunt.

It is the fundamental practice that every business should use as everything doesn’t sell on amazon and you have to be precise about the product you are choosing.

When you are done with the product hunt then you are good to go with.

This is it for today’s blog.

I hope this blog proves to be beneficial for you.

and you can find ways through which you can utilize quarantine to its fullest and be successful even in this pandemic.

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