Instagram Followers Hacks | How to Generate Followers on Instagram

Generating Instagram Followers is quite easy but obviously it takes time to reach your goal.

Instagram is one of the most famous and widely used Social Networking Platform used by millions of people around the globe.

According to the recent research Instagram has reached up to 1 Billion Monthly users.

Instagram is the new marketing tool for marketers around the globe.

With the introduction of Instagram Tv or IGTV it has became easier for the people to run lengthy videos on Instagram now and also they can convey their message to the people.

According to most of the marketers, most of the fashion and cosmetic brands generate maximum amount of traffic and sales from Instagram.

So Instagram can surely be considered as a great source of marketing and to leverage this source their are a certain set of rules you need to follow.

Instagram has been around for long now and many Influencers on Instagram were ordinary people before joining Instagram.

But after getting to know about this incredible Social Media Platform and using it in the right way. They have gained huge success and are earning a decent amount of money from gaining Instagram Followers.

Because traffic is everything in the online world.

If someone can give you relevant traffic on your blog or your website and you can generate sales from traffic, then its obvious you would be ready to pay them the price they are asking for.

Today we are here to discuss about few hacks through which you can generate Instagram Followers.

These hacks are not about using bots as a source of followers.

All these ways are organic ways to generate traffic.

Hack #1

Leverage Instagram BIO

The BIO Section of every Instagram Profile

People don’t understand this fact but Instagram BIO is the first section anyone focus whenever they visit your profile.

They don’t look into your posts or your logo or anything else.

They only look at the BIO section to understand what the page/profile is about.

By the way there are two types of profile on Instagram

1: Personal Profile

For an individual who wants to have fun on Instagram with his friends and family.

2: Business Account

For businesses like online stores, restaurants, fashion brands etc. who want to use Instagram as a tool for generating sales.

One thing that is obvious about Instagram is that you can only run ads on a business account.

Individual accounts on Instagram cannot run an Ad for themselves.

What to include in the BIO Section?

  • The main service or niche or Headline of your brand.
Our Business Headline on Instagram
  • The introduction about yourself and your company.
Advertisingeeks Introduction on Insta
  • Your website or blog link

These three things make up your Instagram BIO effective and useful.

Make sure to use the relevant keywords that best describes your business. Keywords should be relevant and easy to understand what services do you offer.

Hack #2

Use the Highlight Section Wisely

The highlights section is present right below your BIO section in the Instagram Profile (as shown in the image)

The Highlight Section of Instagram

The highlight section in Instagram is an incredible tool which helps a business in various ways.

As the name suggests the hottest news from your business and the hottest things your brand has to offer should be shared in the highlight section.

In our case we have shared our services.

Because we want everyone to know what services are we offering.

Same goes for your brand.

You need to make sure that you mention those things in the highlight section that are the best part of your brand.

Make sure they are understandable and people get to know about who you are instantly after watching the highlights section of your business.

Hack #3


We have discussed this this many times that CONTENT IS EVERYTHING.

But we think anything that is bigger then content is CONSISTENCY in creating that content.

The people/brands/businesses who are not consistent on Instagram gain no followers.

Because they’re lacking the major part of marketing that is consistency.

So you need to make sure that you are posting an awsome content daily.

Hack #4

Posting Long & Detailed Captions

Captions are the backbone of your post. Because a caption describes about the post.

There was a time when longer captions were not used on Instagram.

And even now people think that by posting longer captions they will be wasting their time because who reads captions anyway.

Let us tell you, here you are wrong mate.

People still read captions.

We know that the present era is of video marketing and people like things easy.

But one thing that will never change in our point of view is their interest in reading captions.

So never think that people have stopped reading captions.

They still read them and they still work.

So be as detailed as you can in your captions.

Don’t miss to include the keywords that are described by your post.

Only then people will get more value from your post and you will get more Instagram followers.

Hack #5

Use Hashtags Relevant to your post and Niche

Hashtags don’t work on Facebook.

And Instagram belongs to Facebook as well.

But that doesn’t mean that Hashtags wont work on Instagram as well.

One thing that we love about Instagram and Twitter is that Hashtags still work on them

Hashtags are keywords through which people search on Instagram .

And if you are a new brand/business and you don’t have money to spend on Ads then their are only two things that can generate Instagram Followers for your business

  • Unique and Incredible Content
  • Hashtags relevant to your niche.

These two practices can help you with generating many instagram followers.

So this wraps up our Blog.

We hope that it added some VALUE and will help you in marketing your business on Instagram.

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