Digital Marketing Certification Necessary

Is Digital Marketing Certification Necessary?

Digital Marketing Certification Necessary

Digital marketing is a growing field in the industry and I would say that it is a field that has grown exponentially in the past decade with huge amount of people gaining interest in the field.

But from where to learn?

Everybody knows that “YouTube” and “Google” are the biggest search engines of the present world but you don’t get everything from Google and you don’t get everything from YouTube as well regarding Digital Marketing.

Its obvious that many bloggers and Vloggers might have written about it but there is a possibility that it might just be a startup push and after that you have to decide where you have to go.

Many books have been written on Digital Marketing one of the best among those books is DOTCOM SECRETS .

Its a book that has everything I would say about Digital Marketing.

Is Self Learning A Good Approach?

There is a lot of information available Online and people can learn from millions  and billions of websites. But is that information credible?

You can never tell that honestly.

But if you are sure about someone offering something that is credible and with the “RIGHT” approach then it must be something good to go with.

But self learning is not as easy as it sounds because a Teacher or an Instructor is the one who develops interests, and through online learning one might interpret something in the way it was never told and that’s where it becomes dangerous.

Because a bad approach can cost you a client.

You might find the posts from 2005 or 2006. How do you know those tricks work in 2018?

What Are Companies Looking For?

Another thing that comes in mind when choosing a field is the fields credibility and does it have jobs.

and in the case of “Digital Marketing” its a BIG YESS because the marketers are less and the jobs opening are increasing day by day,

whether it is in GULF areas, European Side or from ASIA. There are a lot of vacancies in the field of Digital Marketing.

So what are the companies looking for in a Digital Marketer?

Its obvious that the employer first looks for an experience person, then they look into their budget and how much salary they can afford and then they go for someone who is fresh and new in the field.

A practical experience holds great value but it is obvious that not everyone can afford experienced Digital Marketers.

So if a company goes for a fresh men, in their resume they would search for relevant experience and number of certifications the person hold in the field.

So it shows that Certificates do hold value.

So the Question here is “Is Digital Marketing Certification Necessary” ?

And the answer to this question is “YES” its necessary.

Because no one who is earning millions of dollars online would give the trick for free I suppose.

Digital Marketing is all about tricks , tips and approaches.

Everyone can be a digital marketer the only thing he/she requires is dedication, hard work and APPROACH , to think in a different way, to be able to convince someone to buy something.

We as Digital Marketers go for setting up campaigns through Lead Magnets, Free offers, Video Marketing and much more and convince people that we are the best.

That’s exactly what a Digital Marketer is suppose to do.

One More Thing.

From Where To Learn?

Initially go for UDEMY.COM. There are hundreds of free and paid courses with minimal amounts that provide great information.



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