How to Do SEO, 6 Most Common SEO mistakes

How to do SEO?

Will i be able to generate traffic?

Is conversion rate optimization an easy thing to do?

is all whats on people’s minds but no one cares about how to do it correctly.

Everyone who is into online marketing business or has a website is familiar with SEO, because it is the most cost effective way to outreach in the market and create your brand’s awareness.

Many brands who are new to the online market and are not aware of basic SEO techniques make such common mistakes that effects website rankings and create less brand awareness.

When you are dealing with the online world you need to make sure that you use tactics and strategies that are suitable for your customers so that you can attract more and more people towards your services.

As we all know that SEO is a time taking procedure and requires countless hours of hardwork and dedication to create a brand’s online presence.

So you need to be sure that if you are publishing some content, or creating a lead magnet, or trying to generate a backlink for your website , blog or content then the hard work is worth it and you are doing everything right so that you don’t have to do it all over again.

In my opinion here are a few main SEO mistakes mostly startups make.


1: Poor keyword selection:

Keyword selection is the most important tool required for SEO. To be precise it can be described as selecting target keywords and phrases that people use to search for their query online.

It can be anything like ” cheap marketing agency”,  ” Honda bike for sale”, “Free food for all”, “Buy 1 get 1 free”,”Digital Marketing”,” SEO checklist”, “SEO tools” etc.

As an online marketer and search engine optimizer I have seen that when people like us are working on something specially in the case of beginners they search and try for ways that can get them success overnight and don’t spend time on keyword selection and hence they face disappointment again and again due to their negligence and lack of time spent for keyword selection.

The category that you choose to work on online has its target keyword that is specifically for that category and you need to make sure that you are choosing the right keyword for your brand so that you don’t have to face disappointment if you don’t get traffic.

Because if your keyword research is right and you have used the most appropriate one for your brand then that’s for sure that you will surely create your online presence.

But if you have not done good research for your target keyword then my friend you need to work again and again on the same thing until you do it right.

2: Poor SEO Title

If you guys don’t know what is SEO title then let e tell you.

When you search for a specific query on Google then their comes results for your query, Those results consist of three portions.

SEO Title or Heading  or Title tags, Meta Description and slug or URL.

SEO title is the main heading colored in blue.

As shown above SEO title must be precise because it is the top heading for the key pages of any site or content.

Google still relies in the SEO title because it is for sure the Top level label regarding the website’s content and page.

3: Meta Description is not worth it

What is the meta description?

Let me tell you. It is the short description underneath your SEO title that plays the most important role after the main heading and tells the user what is he about to read , see or buy when he enters the website or specific topic.

SO you can imagine that what role does meta description plays for you SEO.

The main characteristic that meta description should have is the target keyword. The one keyword you are ranking for. Let me show you one example.

In the image above i search for the query ” cheap clothes” and beneath the ad appeared these two searches. As you can see that the meta description (Grey Description) contains both the target keywords i searched for.

They must have back-links as well that are making them rank better on google.

But as far as the keywords are concerned both the keywords i searched for appeared in the description which is the best reason for their top ranking.

I have even seen people don’t add meta description to their pages which is the worst thing to do. It is magnet which contains those target keywords that people search for and in future those people can become your paying customers as well.


4: Zero Mobile Responsiveness

It is the thing of the past that people used to search for websites and did’nt cared if it was responsive or not, although they faced various problems while using or opening any website on the mobile phone.

In the present era as we know that almost everyone around us has Android Phone or Iphone and approximately all have 24/7 internet access on their devices.

So rather then opening laptop or computer and search for anything people use their phones and search for a particular query Lets say ” restaurant”.

So it is mandatory in the present era that the website should be responsive on all mobile devices whether its android or Iphone or tablet or any electronic device.

Technology has revolutionized alot and have created ease in a lot of cases and if someone search’s for your target keyword and finds the website to not be mobile responsive and your viewer faces difficulty reading your services and content then there is a 70% probability that you will loose your viewer and would not be able to turn him to your customer.

So it seems like responsive websites are just for the developers but it is an essential feature from SEO perspective as well. Websites that are not responsive and tougher to rank.


5: Not Enough Content

Many content writers and Digital  Marketers believe that content matters, and that is true in all aspects of marketing.

Whenever we see physical marketers it is seen that they try to convince their customers in buying their product by telling its features, specialties, difference from other brands etc.

If the person has words to describe what he is offering only then he/she is able to  convert that viewer into paying customer.

Same is with online marketing, In online marketing your content speaks for you. The more the content, the more their are chances for you to get more customers and buyers rather then only visitors.

By not enough content i mean that you are being precise and to the point.

“Let it go with the flow”

Don’t every be precise, remember that your content would be acting as your salesman and would be convincing more people to come read your content and convert the daily viewers into buyers.

6: Too many Ads are bad for health

Over here from health i mean your website’s health.

It is mostly seen that if someone has generated a sufficient amount of traffic for their website and lets say 200,000 people are visiting their website on monthly basis.

Then the worst thing site owners do is integrate ” Too Many Ads” in their website.

Don’t take me wrong you can see that i have said ” Too Many Ads”, integrating Ads is the best way to double and triple your revenue through websites you own and you have worked hard on them.

But it is often seen that people integrate too many Ads into their website and instead of Ads being useful they start annoying people and people start to bounce away through that website.

So integrating too many Ads into your website can be bad for your website’s health and SEO. Because Google also bans or deactivates that website that has too many Ads displayed on it.


SEO is the most cost effective and free way to generate traffic for your website but you fail to do that just because of these small mistakes. I am sure that i would have been help for you and your future articles that you would be writing and ranking your websites.

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