Here is an overview of AdvertisinGeeks Marketing Agency.

AdvertisinGeeks Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers PPC and Paid Afvertising Ad Campaign Services to people looking for greater ROI and positive customer relationship.

We focus on results and greater ROI.

We like to talk about what is happening in the Information Technology world and what are the new trends in the field of Digital Marketing. You can look into our blog for more information.

One thing that makes AdvertisinGeeks different from other Digital Marketing Agencies is its approach and organic ways of marketing. We won’t indulge you into spending thousand’s and million’s of dollars on Ads. We will help you build your organic reach with your target audience as well which will help the brand grow organically and without usage of any bots.

Innovative & Creative Ad Science.

Thats what we believe, because creating an Ad is Science.


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We Share A Passion For Digital Experiences That Works For Our Clients And Gets Them Results

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Murtaza Shahid

Murtaza Shahid


The reason behind the discovery of Advertisingeeks Agency is to use creative and innovative set of rules to glorify the Ad Science. Information Technology has been my area of interest from the very beginning, and I like to explore latest technological trends and techniques and try to learn maximum from the latest updates. 

I was a game developer and used tools like Unity 3D and 3Ds Max to design and develop FPS and Simulation games. But as I developed games I noticed that I couldn’t get enough traffic and downloads towards my games, this was the point when Digital Marketing got my attention and later on I decided to choose it as my career. 
Now I am a full service Digital Marketer for the past 3 years and have worked with various businesses on various online platforms and have helped them generate traffic and sales by using the power of Digital Marketing/Advertising.