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Pinterest Marketing Tricks and Tips | How to use Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is the thing of the present Digital Marketing era.

As we all know that Social Media Marketing has been around for long now.

Many Digital or Online Marketing platforms are being introduced into the world by every passing day.

A few of them include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

There might be more.

And they will come into our sight sooner or later.

Every Social Networking Website or application has its own key features and capabilities.

To use them you should be well aware of those capabilities and factors.

If not then you will struggle for long to get it right.

Today we are here to help you with Pinterest Marketing Tricks and Tips.

Let us get down with some facts first.

According to most of the researchers and Google, Pinterest has around 250 million monthly users.

It means that the amount of traffic you can generate from it is insane.

It means the amount of traffic you can generate from Pinterest is Insane.

And most of the marketers are already doing that.

They are using Pinterest to its peek.

We have attached a few profiles below to just give you a glimpse of the amount of traffic these users will be generating through Pinterest.

Food Blog

For the above four images, we used the Keyword “Marketing” and took the top four from the searches.

As we have highlighted in the images that the amount of traffic these portals are generating from Pinterest is mostly above 1 million monthly.

And 1 million monthly users for a blog means $100,000k+ that too from a blog post, ads and sponsored content.

So using Pinterest for Marketing is not a bad option and as it is growing gradually so the amount of traffic and uniques users you can generate from it is imaginable.

But there are some key points using which you can utilize Pinterest the right way.

Ad we are here to share those tips with you.

After reading these tips you will be able to use Pinterest to its fullest.


Choosing a Niche

As you know that people work in different niches.

Some like to work as a food blogger, some as a marketer, some as a fashion geek, etc.

Firstly you have to choose a niche that can benefit you.

A few top niches on Pinterest are

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Quotes
  • Motivational Content

These niches are those which are highly searched on Pinterest and have the highest amount of user.

So start by choosing amongst these niches.

What if you have a different business?

No Problem, you still can use Pinterest for your benefit.

There is no problem with a different niche.

These are the famous niches, not the only ones.

So don’t get scared.


Use the header section Properly

Header sections of every Digital Media Platform are its backbone.

You need to utilize these properly to make sure that you are attracting the right user to your profile.

The header section should be based on the keywords that showcase your products and services.

For instance.

Have a look at the image given below.

Here we have taken the profile of a Pinterest blogger and you can see that they have written all the keywords that they specialize in.

So making sure that you have used the right keywords for the right target market in your keywords is mandatory.

That will help you in engaging more audiences and in return more traffic and sales.


Highlight your website link

As shown in the image given below

Paste your website link here and make it prominent.

Right below your Pinterest profile picture and header section you will be able to see the website link section.

Paste the link on which you want more traffic and by clicking on that link you can get more sales.

Because as a business owner your main aim is to generate sales.

So it is must that you paste the link of the landing page through which people can understand more about your services and take necessary action that can get you business.

Tip #4

Utilize the description section wisely

As shown in the image below

Description section for Pinterest Marketing

As shown in the image above you can see that they have highlighted the description section with the service that they are providing.

You can also see that they have added value to their description by adding the word HELP into it.

So make sure that you are doing the same.

Value addition is the key point in marketing which helps a business grow.

Because you can only generate sales if you are connecting with your audience.

And you can only connect with your audience by adding VALUE to your content.


Upload pins daily for better Pinterest Marketing

Pins are the content that you publish on your Pinterest dashboard.

and as you know that content is everything in the field of Marketing.

So by uploading content, you can pave your path towards success.

So uploading pins is a must if you need success through Pinterest.

The more pins you have the more probability there is to get more traffic through your pins.

Make sure you are making pins daily.

If you are not a designer, then you can choose tools like Crello and Canva to create awesome designs that too FREE OF COST.


Use multiple Boards with different categories

Boards are the best when it comes to Pinterest Marketing.

You can use already created boards to uploads pins or you can create new boards with new content into them.

Using boards wisely also takes practice if you are new to Pinterest.

Because we have seen that it is kind of tough for new advertisers.

Boards can be stated as the containers with the tags pasted on them and pins are the products/gifts wrapped into these boards/containers.

Naming the boards with the right keyword is also a necessary thing.

Boards don’t work properly until their naming is done properly.

The keywords you have used to name those boards showcase what kind of content is on those boards.

So name the boards wisely and use them as well. Try to create multiple and as many boards as possible.

The more boards you will have the more diversified content you will have and the more traffic you will generate through those boards.

Tip# 7

Make sure to optimize your Pins and add your Website Link

Last and most important point.

As shown in the image given below.

This is how a Pinterest pin looks like

In the above image, we have highlighted the three main things a Pinterest pin is composed of.

The board’s section.

The website link section.

The description section.

These three are the most important sections of Pinterest pins and while uploading a pin you should be sure careful

About the pin, you are uploading.

The right board to upload that pin too.

The right link you want that pin to retarget the traffic to.

If you have done these three things properly, then you can be sure that Pinterest will get you traffic.

This wraps up our blog.

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