How to run a successful online business

What is an online business?

“Online Business can be explained as anything that an individual sells using the internet to the people present on the internet.”

Internet has created a great resolution in our society due to which millions and billions of people are sitting online and struggling to do attract the audience online so that they can make money and provide them with their services.

Why online business?

Online business is the key mean to generate millions and billions of dollars in the present era.

Why? How?

I think you might be thinking of the same thing.

Let me give you an example


A person lives in Canada with a garments business and sells both men and women wear. How many clients would he have?

The maximum amount of client he could reach is the exact population of Canada. Even that’s not possible because out of the total population there would be men, women, children, homeless, beggars etc.

He is not even able to target the complete audience of Canada.

One thing that cannot be ignored as well is that he must have a shop located on some street, or a commercial market which most of the people won’t know about and even if they know they would not be amongst those who visit the market daily.

This is the place where online marketing comes.

What happens when he shifts his business to online market?

When he finally decides that he has all the men and women in Canada who will no matter what visit him if they would need any clothes or a piece of cloth and now is the time he should also target the audience who are located outside of Canada.

At that moment he has already became a successful entrepreneur.

Because when he shifts his business online he knows that there are 2.5 billion people using internet on the daily basis and are looking for a trust worthy person who can send them garments of the latest trends then is the time that he can imagine to be a billionaire soon.

Now the point is that “How” to do that.

(NOTE: I am talking about a layman here who has no knowledge where to get started with the online business)

In my point of view starting an online business is the best way to create your brand’s awareness both online and in the local market.

The below points states that on which social and online platform a person should have presence in case of an online business and what strategies he/she can use to make it all happen.

  • Develop a buyer persona
    • What to sell
    • Who to sell
    • How to sell
    • Where to sell
  • First and foremost you must have a website which has all your services and products.
    • It can be an online store
    • Consulting website
    • Portfolio website.
    • Social platform.
    • Blog
    • etc
  • For a website you need to have a domain and hosting package on which you can run your website. You can get it from Oracks, Siteground, GoDaddy, BlueHost.
  • Secondly presence on all important social media networks is mandatory
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Snapchat
    • YouTube (The importance of YouTube Marketing can be seen here )
    • Entrepreneur inc and many more if we start naming them all.
  • Keeping your social and online presence updated.
  • Creating daily campaigns on all social platforms mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Must have something special and different for people (remember people are always searching for something unique).
  • Add discount coupons.
  • Add featured products.
    • Featured products are the best you have.
  • Keep it all simple.

Running an online business is never a big fuss it has a few simple steps which can lead to a successful business. I have even seen a few people who are doing good in their local market but are terrified to shift from local to online market. Just because they are not sure what would happen.

No one knows what would happen next. That’s the answer. If you adore millionaires and want to be like one then you should act as one and jump into the ground of opportunities.

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