How can REMARKETING help in increasing your Conversion Rate?

Remarketing is the most common practice most of the marketers use to get success & higher conversions.

How does remarketing work?

The visual below states its working.

Remarketing can be categorized as reaching out to the lost customoers who visited your website, bought your service
or reached out to the checkout page of your ecommerce store but left before buying your product or service.

Google is the world’s largest search engine.

Having your business ranked on Google is not less then a blessing.

But ranking on the top of Google is quiet tough, because it demands time & effort. Most commonly used ranking practice is
Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Most of the people before buying anything onine visit 5 to 7 other similar businesses to
make sure that they are buying from the best. So you can imagine how important it is to convert a user into a customer
once they get onto your website.

According to Google 96% of the users leave websites without purchasing anything, that
is quiet unfortunate because you have to convert the remaining 4% of the user.

It points to the fact that you have to be
the best to get more conversions.

But in most of the cases people don’t succeed in getting more conversions & in return
face loss of money, time & effort.

Google has a very unique feature to get over this practice known as Re-Marketing.

Google Remarketing you can reach out to the customers who:

1: Visited your website’s home page

2: Went on to your products categories & showed interest in them.

3: Wanted to buy your product/service but left the website at the very last moment (before purchasing or on the checkout page).

4: Last but not the least, People who actually bought something from your website i.e your valued customers.

With the above mentioned qualities you can imagine the power of Google Re-Marketing.

This tool is specifically used
on Google Display Network on which most of the online stores advertise.

The authenticity of this tool is undoubtful because using it you can

1: Offer your products & services to the people who just visited the home page of your website

2: Offer discount offers & coupon codes to people who showed interest in your product.

3: Offer in depth details of your product & other featured products based on the interest of people to add them
into your customer list.

It shows how remarkable & strong the tool of remarketing is.

Crazy truth about remarketing is that not only big search engines like Google helps its users to use it but Social Networking Websites like Facebook has also introduced the option of remarketing to help advertisers reach out to the people who are more likely to convert.

If you need any help with remarketing your brand to the people who were more likely to convert into a paying customer then you ca contact on ceo@advertisingeeks,com for free consultation.



YouTube Algorithm Changed? Whats the new approach to be a successful YouTuber

YouTube Changed their ways

It tightens the ways to earn from Ads money

Marketers are in Trouble

Earning from YouTube is no more easy.

Everyone knows that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the online market and has more then  billion users from all over the world. More about YouTube can be seen here

Many Viners, social speakers, gamers, pranksters have been earning from YouTube from the past many years and everyone knows 2017 was a tough year for YouTube because they were working that their users don’t see huge amount of Ads and it was a tough year for both the users/ views and the channel owners.

But Yesterday Dated: 16th January 2018

Google released their new ways to monetize a channel on YouTube.

And Google mentioned that in the past every YouTuber has to gain 10,000+ views on their videos to be eligible to monetize their channel and earn from that channel but now,

Unfortunately Google has tighten the boundaries and has made it more tough for the new channel makers and social marketers. They would have to work more hard now to be able to make their channel their bread and butter.

Google summarized it into 2 points:

  • New channel will need to have 1000+ subscribers AND
  • 4000 Hours of watch time within their past 12 months

To be able to monetize their channel and qualify for being eligible for YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

The video site said Tuesday that human reviewers would inspect every in Google Preferred, its elite ads program accessible to top creators. New videos uploaded to Google Preferred channels will also have to be manually verified to meet YouTube guidelines before they can run ads.

For more information you can see here.

They have been planning these changes from December 2017 and finally the have released the bomb on all its users.

I think that it has made tough for marketers and for YouTuber both because already we have to work very hard to take a channel to the point where we can monetize it and increase its subscribers and viewers.

But Now in addition to the compulsory 1000+ subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time we have to make sure that our video is catchy and the content in it is engaging so that the audience may stick to out video watch it to the fullest atleast.

It is a sad news for YouTubers and online marketers.

I wish Good luck to every marketer and YouTuber out their and hope that they can achieve their goal in a short time even after this drastic change in algorithm.