How to Set Up an Ad on Facebook | What are the types of Facebook Ads

We have previously discussed about Facebook Marketing and its Hacks.

Today we are here to guide you about the types of Facebook Ads and which Ad type you should use and why.

Keep reading the post as after reading this post you will be able to understand

  • What are Facebook Ads?
  • What are the types of Facebook Ads?
  • Which type to use while running Facebook Ads?
  • Does hashtags work on Facebook?
  • Can a business succeed on Facebook without running Facebook Ads?

Lets start with the history of Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a World famous Social Networking Website with a network reaching out to 2.5 billion users.

Facebook Marketing got its boom back in 2012 when people came to know that Facebook can be used for marketing as well.

Now in 2019 it marketing platform has grown exponentially

But by every passing day it is becoming complex as well.

In 2012 Facebook Marketing was not that complex as it is now.

People got results by promoting their business in Facebook groups and spending very less on Facebook Ads

In 2017 Facebook released an algorithm after which Facebook Marketing became very tough

That algorithm reduced the organic reach towards the targeted audience and forced businesses to spend on Facebook Ads to retain their business on Facebook

Small businesses were also affected by the decision of Facebook but big businesses were compelled to spend on ads

Because if they didn’t do that, their businesses on Facebook would have been effected.

Now what are Facebook Ads?

Ads as in short form of Advertisement

Facebook Ads can be defined as a “Method through which one promotes their business of Facebook by sponsoring their content and reaching out to the people who can convert into a paying customer”

How to run Facebook Ads?

That is done through Facebook Ads Manager.

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is a dashboard provided by Facebook which gives its user liberty and facilities to setup an Ad anyway they like.

Facebook Ads Manager has created convenience for its users and Facebook Advertisers.

Because it has every option you need to successfully run a business on Facebook

Let us show you how its dashboard looks like

Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard
Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard

This is the official image of Facebook Ad Manager Dashboard.

We have blurred our Ads that we are running.

Everything else here is available in front of you.

So what are the types of Ads available in Facebook Ads Manager?

Types of Facebook Ads

The image above shows the types of Facebook Ads available in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard.

Facebook Ads can be differentiated into three major campaigns as shown in the image above.


The awareness section is all about creating your brand awareness across facebook and letting people know more about your business.

In the Awareness section there are two options

Brand Awareness: Whether you want to make people aware of your brand and attract them towards your business

Reach: Or do you want to increase your brand’s reach and reach out to as many people as you want.

In the consideration section can target people to take your brand under consideration and attract more people that show interest in your brand.

In the Consideration section there are 6 options

Traffic: You use this if you want to generate traffic towards your website

Engagement: This option is used when you want people to engage with your posts and increase your likes, shares and comments.

App Installs: If you want to promote a mobile application and you want to increase its installs then this option is the best.

Video views: If you have made a video and you you want to get more views on it and want it to go viral then this option fits best.

Lead Generation: If you are a business that provides services to people and you want them to share their information so that you can contact them via email or phone then lead generation is the best option.

Messages: If you want message conversions and you want more people to message you on your facebook page then this option best fits your need.

Conversion tab is all about getting sales. This section focuses on one thing i.e how to get more sales for a business.

In the Conversion section there are three options

Conversions: If you have a business and you want sales i.e if you are an online store and want people to buy something from your store and you want to collect their information as well then this option best fits your need.

Catalog Sales: If you want to showcase your catalog and products your target audience to increase your sales, then this option best fits your need.

Store Traffic: As the name suggests this option can be used if you have an online store and you want your target audience to have a look what you have for them in your stare and increase your store traffic then this options fits for the purpose.

Here you have seen that how Facebook has divided each of its Ad sections and how you can use these sections to fulfill your need.

We believe that it has everything.

Whether you want to create your brand awareness, want to generate more leads or want conversions, Facebook Ads Manager has everything that you need.

Which type to use while running Facebook Ads?

We have came across this query many times, because people don’t know which type best fits for their business.

This is a big problem in our point of view as well.

Because if you are a new business and you start running conversion campaign without having any testimonial, any review, any brand story, or any followers then it will be hard for your business to generate sales.

Because people don’t trust brands that are new.

You need to start with the first phase and crease your brand awareness first, then move towards the next phases to generate leads and in the end getting conversions.

Does #Hashtags work on Facebook?

Hashtags was the feature that was first adopted by twitter then Instagram started using this feature and then Facebook as well after buying Instagram.

Hashtags can simply be stated as keywords.

For marketing on twitter and Instagram it is necessary that you use hashtags because people might be searching for the product or service that you are offering and without the hashtag they wont be able to find you.

But this is not the case with Facebook.

Hashtags not work on Facebook as much as they work on Instagram and Twitter.

We mean that if you want to find a business on Facebook then you might find it by typing the keyword in the search bar but most of the time it doesn’t happen because hashtags worked on Facebook when they were introduced but later on we don’t know why they stopped working.

If you want to promote your business on Facebook then as per our experience and the current scenario Facebook Ads is the best way.

and last but not the lease

Can a business succeed on Facebook without running Facebook Ads?

The answer is NO.

Facebook Ads are must

Specially if you are a new business


Because big businesses have taken over Facebook now and they spend thousands of dollars daily on Ads.

So if you are a new business and you want to gain success on Facebook and beat your competition as well then you should have an Ad spend that will help your business grow.

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