Why SEO is essential?

How is SEO essential?

How has SEO practices changed the online business?

Since the past decade or two online marketing has gained its boom and have helped many businesses grow to achieve their goal of billions and millions of people. But how have they achieved that?

How millions of people came to know about them?

How did they get the client base of 1000’s of people?

How did they made their online authority stronger?

All of the answers are hidden in just this single word “SEO”.

Search engine optimization has helped many businesses succeed from the past many years, initially when it was introduced it was quiet easy to do.

All you had to do is add keywords based on their high search volume and you would have ranked the website

( Its a complex thing as well ).

But now the game have changed and it requires countless hours of work and dedication and building a website’s reputation, but not through only keywords.

It requires link building , reputation building, guest posting, blog commenting and slowly you get to gain traffic and higher customer base.

But why is SEO essential is our topic for today.

Well actually i have answered it above.

All the online businesses have built their reputation by the passing time frame slowly and steadily but through SEO.

It is done though On-Page and Off-Page SEO, we have discussed it earlier in my previous blogs.

Well just making a website, or a business page on facebook, instagram, twitter is not what a business requires only. If you have an idle website, or an idle page about which no one knows about then it is of no use.

Until and unless you are promoting it on daily basis. The best thing about online marketing is that it is Free, which is a major plus point.

Many big businesses when start marketing through online marketing use paid advertisements on social media as well as on search engines to promote their business and they succeed as well.

But if a new business that doesn’t have budget and needs to promote their business online they can go for SEO. It is the only free way of promoting a website all over search engine.

Why is SEO it essential?

Because, you can’t just sit idle after making a website or a page and wait for someone to randomly get to know about your website and services that you are offering.

You need promotion, you need marketing, you need traffic, because greater the traffic and greater people will know about you and in return there are greater chances of getting higher customer base.

we have discussed in depth about SEO and how to do it. You can check and start promoting your business , and it is a surety that with the increasing traffic anyone can gain higher clients and customer base.

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