8 Best Youtube Marketing Tips 2019

Why YouTube marketing?

YouTube Marketing is one of the most effective ways on Digital Marketing that most people use now-a-days to market their brand and services.

1: YouTube is the second largest search engine alive today.

2: Millions of people use YouTube as an essential part to grow their business.

3: YouTube is the 3rd largest website in the present world.

4: It is predicted that 80% of the internet traffic would be by videos in 2019

Everyone watches videos today. It cannot be neglected that video marketing is an essential part of the present time and it will continue to grow as the time passes. People are more attracted to ads and content in which consists of video and images rather then simple text. YouTube marketing cannot be ignored as it is the core competency in the market.

Video content conquered a market of worth 64% in the early 2014. 1.5Billion people use YouTube every month as mentioned by TechCrunch in june 2017. So we can imagine that it is not much behind facebook and other social networks.

There are a huge amount of YouTuber’s working in the market now a days and are earning 100’S and millions of dollars through their videos and vines. Once you gain subscribers and visitors who are looking for your videos then you are good to go.

YouTube Marketing

For online and offline Business owners and internet marketers, YouTube Marketing is an essential strategy to take advantage of the web’s massive shift toward video. That’s why it’s so important to learn and test some strategies and to get help from Digital Organics right now.

But the main question in your mind must be

1:how to get subscribers?

2:Why would someone subscribe to my channel?

3:What kind of channel i should choose to start with?

Are you thinking of these questions?

Don’t worry we have the answer for your question. 

1: Use Keywords like “How To” ” Here Is” “Beginners guide 2017”

The first thing you need to do is make “How To”, “Here is” videos that engage your audience and make them realize that your video has the thing that they are looking for.

2: Look for the most searched target keywords

Look for “target keywords” for your channel and see what people search for, that would get them to your channel. Target keywords are words and phrases that you use on the basis of their search volume to drive traffic to your website or blog.

3: Use YouTube as a traffic generator for your website

Upload videos and link them back to your website or blog and include the subscription option at the end of the video so that people don’t leave your channel just by watching your video. They must come back for more.

When people visit your website or blog once that’s the only time you can attract them and make them realize that you have everything that they are looking for. It may be content, online product, articles etc. When people don’t find what they searched for then they don”t come back to the website either.

4: Use engaging graphical images and videos

Use engaging graphics in your videos is a plus point. Include images, include animations, include something after a minute or two that can refresh their mind so that they won’t leave your video on the half way.

Suppose a person is giving a lecture on YouTube Marketing and all he has in his videos is same boring lecture with 100% productive approach but 0% attractive approach. Eventually the user who watches that video would leave the channel in half way. Why?

Because he is tired after watching the specific video.

Users use YouTube for fun, entertainment and knowledge purposes. But in my opinion when they come in search of knowledge at that time they also want something to keep them going on with your video and stuff.

5: Remember people always look up for entertainment.

I mean it is in human nature that you can’t sit in a consecutive lecture of 45 min or 60 min until you have a break session of 10 to 15 minutes in between in which you can

1: grab a drink

2: eat some snacks

3: do some chit chat etc

Same is with YouTube marketing. Until your video has attractive context in it it cannot hold the person for a long time.

Timing is everything, and sequencing is the key to making sure your timing is perfect. While we’re on the subject of timing, the ideal length of your YouTube video is right around 3 minutes.

If yours is an in-depth training video, you may have to go considerably longer. Still, we recommend that you keep it under 10 minutes if at all possible.

6: Use interesting Thumbnails images

Incase you are a lecturer and want to do online coaching for students who search for the content that you have then its obvious that in an online lecture a break can be an YouTube Ad or a small entertaining part of an animated film for instance. Nothing more then that.

Add an interesting featuring image that will appear on your video when someone searches for your target keyword.


The image below shows whats a featuring image

As it can be seen that i searched for the keyword “SEO Checklist” and amongst the top videos appeared these 2. The images that are besides their description are their featured images that shows something relevant to the topic that i searched for. And for sure i would be interested in watching these videos and if i liked them then subscribing to them as well.

7: Use topics like

1: How to

2: 11 tips

3: Best ways

4: Best 2017 tools

5: Best video for beginners etc

These kind of headings and descriptions attract more users and they feel like they are at the right place for what they were looking for.

8: Call To Action(CTA) is the main reason that we are making videos on YouTube. It is obvious you are not making videos because you were getting bored or did’t had something to do. You are making videos so that you can

  • Earn extra money
  • Get subscribers
  • Gather website visitors
  • Achieve Facebook page likes
  • Attract more instagram and twitter followers
  • Get them to buy something from you.

To do all this you need to offer them something at the end of your video so that they don’t just come and go. They can become your valued customer or a subscriber or a follower. If anything like this happens then you have successfully made a video that was beneficial for you and your channel.

Note: YouTube marketing is not something that you should be afraid of to make yourself to the top. If you follow the mentioned points then we are sure that you are good to go.

YouTube is one of the largest website alive today and it can help you in massive amount of ways through which you can generate leads and convert them into customers, followers, subscribers etc. It is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic from with minimal effort. By YouTube Marketing surprisingly you can rank on #1 in your category on both YouTube and Google thats the best part.

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